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xxxxxAddison was born and raised locally, her maternal side of the family arrived shortly after WWII ended, although her fraternal side of the family had resided in Fallcoast for at least a hundred years. It was an imperfect match, her father's parents were not pleased with it, and when Addison's parents got married they ended up disowning her father. Seems like something straight out of a soap opera at this point. Which, only gets worse. When Addison was ten her parents were killed by a drunk driver, leaving her in the care of her maternal grandparents.

xxxxxAt this point she lost herself in her academic studies, hiding from the reality that was her life. Good things eventually came out of it, such as life long friends, an amazing education, and even a publication deal that recently went through with a bit of fiction she wrote under a pen name.

RP Hooks

Mortal Information

  • Local Girl: No secret here, she managed to get out even.....but something seems to have drawn her back and even she can't explain what it was that drew her back, or not in a way that doesn't make her sound insane.
  • Money: All the time that she was growing up, living the life of someone that was just barely above the poverty level, her grandparents were putting money into multiple savings accounts, managing to quietly retrieve some of their lost possessions from when the Nazi's rounded them and everyone in their village up, and setting everything up for the future of their grand-children. On her 18th birthday she was handed quite a bit of money in a savings account that was earmarked for college.
  • Harvard: Academically she excelled. Perfectionist probably is too mild of a term to describe Addison and her plans. Between high test scores, multiple AP classes, and an application essay that reportedly made people cry she was admitted into Harvard College, the undergraduate community at Harvard University, and began to work on her two degree focuses, anthropology and linguistics.
  • Brown University: She initially planned to stay at Harvard for graduate school, but during her time abroad for summer internships and the like she decided that Brown University offered a very unique degree with their Egyptology and Assyriology department. Due to the three Ph.D. tracks offered she chose to pursue the Assyriology track.
  • Writing: It almost seems to be an odd choice, but Addison writes what could straddle the line between young adult and adult fantasy/horror fiction. The main protagonist is a young girl who travels the world due to her fathers job and gets into all kind of antics, mostly because the girl is a medium and can see the ghosts in the world. But, as a way to protect her day job Addison writes under the name Drusilla Calvin.

Geist Information

  • Geist: She's got one of these guys sharing space in her brain, most days they don't get along. Difference of opinions happen a lot.
  • Travel: Both during school, and after, she spent quite a bit of time traveling. During this time her exposure to the occult and the odd things in the world. It was during one of her trips to Sudan that she met her untimely demise.
  • Virgil
  • Betty

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Addison Harper
Date of Birth: Dec 25th
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Occupation: Consultant (Writer)
Virtue: Belief
Vice: Impetuousness

Threshold: Prey
Archetype: Necromancer
Geist: None
Krewe: None
Family: None

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