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Full Name: Ada Cook
Appears As: Ada
Date of Birth: The swingin' '60's
Apparent Age: 20
Sphere: Ghoul
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Envy

From the Middle, Onward and Upward.

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James Brown ~ I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing

I don't want nobody
To give me nothing
Open up the door
I'll get it myself
I don't want nobody
To give me nothing
Open up the door
I'll get it myself

Words about Ada will go here soon.

RP Hooks
  • Ghoul ~ Ada is a ghoul in loyal service to Selene. She has been for a while. Maybe you knew each other?
  • Relic Artisan ~ Ada is rather adept at crafting relics for the good of her people... though she's more than happy to ply her trade for the right price, if gone through the right people.
  • Fresh Off of the Boat ~ She's a relatively new arrival to Fallcoast, having just arrived from San Francisco; much of this place is still very new and unusual to her, and she's still adjusting to all the sights. Be her tour guide!
  • Work Hard ~ Very diligent, Ada can often be found at work on whatever odd job she's been assigned, and takes to management roles like a duck to water. She might, sometimes, have a tendency to micromanage. Maybe.
  • Play Harder ~ Despite the prim appearance she puts on, Ada still has a wild side to her. She dives as hard into parties as she does into her work. Apparently she's just the type to give everything 100%, 100% of the time.
  • The Hippie That Never Was ~ Ada was born just a bit to late to get on the height of the free love hippie train. And while she outwardly looks like she's moved on, she still holds a nostalgic fondness and wish to have experienced it, making her a touch more fond of people who freely live that lifestyle still today. She's an overachiever and a hippie all rolled into one. It's a wonder she hasn't combusted into flames yet.
  • Selene .. Regnant. Gave me a new life. Forever indebted.
  • Juliette .. Younger ghoul. Charge. Potential to be molded.
  • NAME .. Stuff goes here.
  • NAME .. Stuff goes here.

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