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Family History
The Abernathies are weird. That's what everyone says. They've been here for a long time, one of the first families to settle in the area, and they've got a reputation for being just a little off. They're not terribly wealthy, but they tend to get by fairly well, and there have been whispers that their steady prosperity was bought generations ago by a deal with the Devil, maintained ever since by the family heirs. An Abernathy was drowned as a witch by Minster Bradford in his brief, murderous religious persecution (Myrtle, aged 17, accused by a lover of having bewitched him for his family's money).

Abernathy PCs should tend toward the occult, the weird, or the generally off-kilter.

All Abernathy family members receive +1 to Occult rolls.

Abernathy Family Tree

Recruiting Status
We are always looking for more freaks and weirdos. Abernathy weirdness is less about what you are and more about who you are. Take away all the supernatural trappings, and an Abernathy is still an odd duck.

Example Concepts:

  • Reclusive Warlock
  • Eccentric Alchemist
  • Unstable witch
  • Crime scene cleaner
  • Off Kilter Librarian
  • Phrenologist
  • Mortician/Gravedigger
  • That one old guy in Poltergeist II
  • Taxidermist
  • The Smoking Man
  • Woodsy Hermit
Family Holdings
  • Abernathy Estate - G02 (take the Darkened Road exit) - Formerly a courthouse, it has been bought by the Abernathys and over the years has become the family estate, even with the gallows in the back yard...
  • Codex Obscura - A01 - An eclectic and occult bookstore purportedly owned by Elmo Abernathy. Rumor is that it is haunted.
Family Factoids
Fun and creepy Abernathy Facts and Rumors!
  • A gathering of Abernathy's is called a 'Ritual'.
  • A family reunion is called a 'Conjuration'. These tend to happen every three years. A 'Grand Conjuration' happens every nine and it is a feast not to be missed. The most recent grand conjuration was in 2016.
  • Mirrors are covered with black cloth for 3 nights when an Abernathy dies. Not because the mirror will trap their souls but that their reflections sometimes take 3 nights longer to die.
  • An Abernathy is traditionally buried with a sprig of hemlock. Rumor claims this practice dates back to before the family emigrated to the United States. No one knows why it is followed even today.
  • Coins of various denominations can be found around the property dating as far back as 1909. To date, no 'even' years have been found. No one knows why this is.
  • At traditional dinner there is always a plate set, served with food, out of respect for those who still wander or are lost. A reminder that all Abernathys have a home to come back to.
  • It is no secret the Abernathy Estate is haunted. Strange noises, the sensation of being watched, cold spots and things going missing are commonplace occurrences. What isn't know is exactly how many ghosts there are and if all of them are particularly friendly.
  • There are rumors that there are many secret doors, hallways and rooms in the Estate. Some which defy logical explanation, if the stories are true. Tales of Abernathys living in the walls for years are not uncommon.
  • Some Abernathys claim the story Salem's Lot by Stephen King was based on a relative of theirs who may or may not slumber in the tunnels beneath Estate.
  • Abernathy's are good [Parents]
The Ritual
Elmo Abernathy is a well known member of the Family, and yet wildly reclusive. While he seems like a hermit he is often seen on the fringes of family gatherings. An ominous and strange figure that returned to fall coast four years ago, shortly after his Grandfather (also named Elmo Abernathy) Died.
Blanche Abernathy hasn't been around long, all things considered, and when she is around she's quiet, only ever speaking in whispers. But some say that she's a medium. That or she just likes talking to herself.
Freddy Abernathy was born in 1995 and has been a regular sight around town ever since. She's only ever left town twice: to go to Bangor and to go to Romania. Her father is a heart surgeon, mother a Romanian transplant both of which now live in Boston. Freddy herself seems to be following in her fathers footsteps, being a student at St. John's School of Medicine but it is no secret to most of the family she is every bit a 'witch' as her mother is.
Billy, or Will Abernathy, hasn't been around that long himself. According to rumors, he was in the military – one of the few Abernathys who join up. Oddly, someone by the name of William Abernathy died in Boston shortly before Billy appeared in Fallcoast. At the age of 92, it was likely this was Billy's grandfather. He's quiet and reclusive, and generally gives far too much information when asked.
Cleo and Dacen Abernathy, the twins. Rarely seen, little was known about them until their late teens when both "nearly died" and ended up hospitalized, their parents accused of poisoning them. It was in the news for a short while a little more than a year ago. A bit socially awkward, the two have made some attempts to meet others of the family. They still live in the home their parents no longer inhabit. Dacen can sometimes be found haunting the library at the Abernathy Estate. Cleo is a little more reclusive.
Wasn’t Myles sent to boarding school a few counties over, then college out of state? He only arrived in Fallcoast in June 2016, after having some kind of nervous breakdown in San Francisco or something. Funny for a psychotherapist, but not all together uncommon. Keeps odd hours, drives the creepiest van, and will talk endlessly about any and everything. Looks an awful lot like a young Milo Abernathy, who's retired in California - maybe he’s his kid?
Nicodemus was always a troubled kid. He got into a car accident with his dad on his 6th Birthday. His dad died when they went over the side of the bridge, and Nico was dead for one minute. He came back more withdrawn and morose. It...changed him. At 8 he ran away from home for a few days, and when he came back he was Bound. His Geist had a huge amount of control over him for years, and his mother finally could not take his troubled, sometimes terrifying behavior anymore come High School. He was sent to a private school in Rhode Island...and returned in September of 2016. In more control of himself, but still an odd kid. Just...a different kind of odd.
Charlotte only came to Fallcoast in early 2017; she's the daughter of Elspeth Abernathy, a witch who moved to Ohio, of all places... in the early 1950's. As such, she is an unknown, but she's definitely odd enough that her Abernathy-ness isn't in question. Charlotte is a stone carver and makes gravestones and other markers and monuments for the dead. She generally claims to be Elspeth's great-granddaughter when asked.
Family Logs
Family Info

Abernathy Family

"From Darkness, Knowledge" Occulty, the weird, or the generally off-kilter style family that's been in the area for a long time.

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