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“A little bit of mercy makes the world a bit less cold and more just.”

– Pope Francis


xxxxxA priest in the catholic church, Abdiel doesn't normally give sermons in the church. Infact his specialty is exorcisms so often he is called upon when demons have taken ahold of the living.

RP Hooks
  • Exorcisms-Abdiel's main job and specialty is exorcising the demons out of the living. Maybe you want to get rid of your demons?
  • Candy- Because Abdiel does go to the services, he often carries a lot of candy to bribe children into being good. He also likes to share and eat candy.
  • Malleus Maleficarum- Besides being an exorcist, Abdiel is part of the Order of St Longinus. Maybe you need a vampire hunter?

Some Subsection

  • More Reasons Go Here
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your character's name
Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: None
Occupation: Exorcist
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Clan: None
Order: Order of St. Longinus
Geist: None
Pack: None
Entitlement: None

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