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Man tells his aspiration in his God; but in his demon he shows his depth of experience.
Margaret Fuller

xxxxxDoctor Aaron Monroe is a noted archaeologist that graduated from the doctorate program at University of California, Berkeley. Though born in Fallcoast, his parents moved away when he was around two years old, settling in San Francisco, where he's spent most of his life. He graduated high school near the top of his class after skipping his junior year at 17, got his Bachelor's just after his 20th birthday, and then his Master's in Anthropology with an emphasis on Archaeology by the time he was 22, being one of the youngest doctoral candidates at Berkeley for some time. Skilled at Arabic, he signed up for service after his Master's for a civilian translator position to the United States Army in 2005. According to his record, he became confused when the squad he was attached to got into a fire-fight with some insurgents, then wandered off into the desert. He was found a day later due to a tracking beacon on his vest. He'd been shot, and was sent back to the States, where he continued his education.

xxxxxAfter achieving his doctorate at 24, he traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, in order to help excavate and locate some artifacts from the Ingrian tribe of Finns that had once settled the land there. He met the daughter of an American diplomat, and the two of them traveled back to the United States together and lived together in apparently some kind of common-law thing. He's published several papers about the indigenous people of the Americas, Europe, and Africa, and has been known to be particularly vocal in the rights of indigenous people.

xxxxxHaving just arrived in Fallcoast, it's unclear if he's intending to teach at the university, given his credentials, or if he's simply using the city as a base of operations from which to participate in various dig sites and the like around the world. He's not known for sitting still, and several of his papers have been published in trade magazines in a 'Gonzo-esque' style.

 xxxxxThe Awakened World

xxxxxAaron Monroe, known as 'Aym' by his fellow Awakened came upon his Awakening in a fire-fight in Iraq in 2005. After arriving back in San Francisco, he was taken on by several mentors – primarily a mentor whose Shadow Name was Tallow who taught him how to be a Mastigos. After spending around a year and a half getting used to Awakened society and participating in the Consilium as an Apostate, he wound up petitioning for membership in the Mysterium. This also coincided with him finishing school and getting his doctorate in archaeology.

xxxxxHis mentor in the Mysterium, a woman by the Shadow Name of Farah, took him through the initial initiation steps to becoming a Mystagogue, teaching him about the principles of pancryptica, and the idea that knowledge is power, but has a specific price that it takes from those who seek it. He took to the Mysterium due to it being very similar to academia. Eventually, he was sent off to Iran to investigate a cult that was apparently worshiping some kind of demonic entity from ancient Sumerian culture. He was shadowed by another Mysteragogue who gauged his progress, and after infiltrating the cult and reporting back, he received his first Mystery Initiation and subsequent vision.

xxxxxAs a Clavicularius, he's primarily focused on the concepts of Sidereology as they apply to goetia. Unlike many in his Legacy, he believes that while the idea of the Key of Solomon exists in the various oblations that he and other Clavicularii perform, there exists an actual physical object created by Solomon (who, in Aym's papers, was apparently a Mastigos himself) that holds the key to understanding and utilizing goetia. In his papers written for the Mysterium, it's concluded that finding this object is of grave import – before the Seers of the Throne or the Scelesti find it first.

xxxxxHe served as Provost to the Council of San Francisco while mentoring both Lara (who is a Sleepwalker and relatively powerful Hedge Witch in her own right) and another Mastigos. She went on to become the Councilor of the Adamantine Arrow in Eugene, Oregon (a relatively small Consilium by normal standards, but not without its own prestige), and Aaron focused on mentoring Lara, and his duties as Provost. Nonetheless, politics didn't get in the way of his being an Acquisitor for the Mysterium. He's made several groundbreaking finds, with two in particular that led to powerful artifacts, now stored in the San Francisco Mysterium's Censorium.

xxxxxPolitically, Aym falls in line with the traditional Archaeomancer train of thought in that artifacts and relics from bygone eras won't simply come to the Mysterium; it's important for Mystagogues to go out searching for them. Like most Diggers, he will often accompany a Sleeper expedition in an attempt to root around in ancient ruins and locations in search of things once owned or created with the Awakened in mind (or other things on the teratology spectrum, though he doesn't specialize in that field). Unlike most Diggers, Aym is interested in politics and social maneuvering. He finds the Awakened world and its myriad societies interesting, from the Pentacle to the Seers of the Throne, and has done a great deal of research into magosophy, to the point that he's considered something of an expert in the field – not surprising for someone who spent their entire Sleeper life learning about cultures, society, and what drives people, and who has continued said research into their Awakened life.

  • Doctor of Archaeology: Aaron is a legit doctor of archaeology, to the degree that people who've studied the science or have any knowledge of it might recognize his name, since he's written several papers in various journals.
  • Martial Arts: A good way to let off steam, Aaron's a decent fighter and is pretty good with no-holds barred bare-knuckle boxing and the Shotokan school of karate.
  • Mage: Aaron's one of the Awakened and has been for about 10 years! He's always happy to meet other Mages or Sleepwalkers, as well as Thaumaturges and Psychics. His Shadow Name is Aym, after the demon in Solomon's Key.
  • Clavicularius: As a Clavicularius, Aaron's primary interests are in goetia and the vices of other people. He's fairly skilled in it, considered a Seeker in his Legacy.
  • Mysterium: Aaron's a Mystagogue, a Neokoros Superior. He served the Mysterium as Provost of San Francisco for about three years. He's also probably the most stereotypical Acquisitor anyone could ever meet.
  • Alcoholic: Yep, he's a drunk. Bars are a good place to find him.


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The Run-Downxxxxx 
Template: Mage
Concept: Pulp-Action Mastigos
Order: The Mysterium
Faction: Archaeomancer
Order Position: Acquisitor
Consilium Position: None
Path: Mastigos
Shadow Name: Aym
Legacy: Clavicularius
Date of Birth: May 2nd, 1984
Virtue/Vice: Courage/Lust
Occupation: Archaeologist
Cabal: None.




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