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“There's a value in having secrets. We wouldn't be ourselves without them.”

– Kevin Spacey


xxxxxA.Smith is just this guy, you know? Average height, average weight, non-committal accent. He's the guy you pass on the street every morning on your way from the coffee shop to work. He's the pizza guy. He's the cable repairman. And every so often, he's the one holding the gun to your forehead when you take a second glance.

RP Hooks
  • A stands for Anyone. Smith adopts identities as needed, and discards them on the floor near the hamper, where they remain til laundry day. Maybe you met him when he was Adam. Or Arthur. Or Alexander. Or Aubrey.
  • Subtle One: Observers of patterns in the world, looking for Fortuitous Moments to give a helpful nudge. Or a pruning.
  • Guardian of the Veil: I'm serious, fellas, you're lucky to be alive after a blast like that. Underground gas main! You fellas need to exercise a lot more caution before discharging your firearms, I'll tell you that much right now. Especially you.


  • Have you had your monthly paradox prevention safety lecture?
  • GotV Prophet Faction: Collection and dissemination of information where people will make the best use of it. Got a bit of info you need publicized anonymously?
A Section

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Smith-scan.jpg Smith-gangster.jpg Smith-camera.jpg Smith-mask.jpg

A. Smith
Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: Early 40's
Occupation: He who watches the Watchmen
Virtue: Knowing when to speak and when to listen.
Vice: Listening too intently.

Shadowname: Joker
Path: Obrimos
Order: Guardian of the Veil
Legacy: Subtle One
In Game As: Smith

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