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Anastasia "Tasia" Torres-Price
RP Hooks & Personal Info
  • Changeling Sphere: She lives in the Freehold, serving as a scout for trod travel, harvesting trips, and the like. She tends to be quite friendly and eagerly helpful.

  • Dusk Wizened: Rather than the dower/stern person knowing all will end in ashes would suggest, she has /accepted/ it and delights/loves/enjoys ad fiercely as any Spring, knowing her candle burns down, determined to shine and accomplish as it does.

  • Hedge Raider: Spending so much time in the Hedge/Freehold/Hollows and especially being Hob Kin, accounts for her surprisingly high Wyrd.

  • Hedgebeast Companion: Bluetooth is a tiny blue gecko that lives on her. Close friends, trading protection, transportation, entertainment for advising.

  • Keeper/Realm: She seems to have conflicting, memories about There. Harsh dystopian future realm at war with another 'sibling' realm. Constant death from eternal War against Pestilence and Rot.

  • Enemy: She /hates/ and is hated by a Taken from that sibling realm who acts as a Privateer, leading a small army of spawned Hobs.


  • Torres & Price Families: A member in good standing, always friendly and happy to be around with most family members.

  • Religion:

  • Personality Pre-Taken <Age16: As stern as she was genius, disdaining social contact for study. Took GED at 14 to begin collage towards a law degree.
  • Personality Returned Age17-21:
  • Courage & Aggressive: She often merges these aspects. Courage not just in facing danger, but in facing it on behalf of others. Aggressiveness is how she then over-expresses that protective side. Good and bad can both come out of the blend.

  • Job: She disguises her appearance and sings energetic rock, going by the name

  • Goals: Protect/help/socialize with both Freehold and family, having as much good effect and lived life as possible.

  • Current Hangouts: Currently away from Miami, in Fallcoast..





Concept: Scifi Recon Gunbunny
Full Name: Anastasia Torres-Price
DoB: Summer Solstice 1998
Ethnicity: Cuban / Ukrainian
Job: Part time Singer
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Aggressive
Build: 5'3" Voluptuous
Hair&Eyes: Black Green/brown
Origin: Miami
Sphere: Changeling Tier4
Seeming: Wizened
Kiths : Artist, Apsaras, AirTouched
Mantle : Dusk 1

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