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Possessed Staff

  • Team Lead: Poptart
  • Story:
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  • Tiers: None

Rules and Systems


Local Possessed

Current Possessed Characters
PCs by Vice
Envy Gluttony Greed
Lust Pride Sloth

Character Generation

  • Possessed is currently open.
  • Applications: A complete guide to possessed applications.
  • Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

App Guidelines

Possessed uses the standard creation rules listed in the Inferno book, kept in line with the House Rules listed for the game and the sphere. Make sure that you have a +note set detailing your Demon, including its stats and a bit about its personality and goals. Try to remember that, unless your Demon is rank 5, your personalities are not the same. It wants you to do terrible, terrible things, and lower level Demons (AKA starting Chargen) are rarely more then Whisperers. This means it tempts from within your mind, but it is a separate entity that exists within you. You are not a single personality...though as mentioned, high ranking Demons tend to wear their Host like a skin suit.

In addition, Possessed can sell their Morality down to 4 instead of the normal limit of 5.

TL;DR Assistance
For those of you with LDs or trouble sifting through large sections of text to find the stuff that helps you get the basics of your application started, here are three links that you'll find very useful. All of these pages have super helpful information, so read them all at your leisure!

Possessed App Template Examples (Right-hand column)
Demon Note Example (Right-hand column)

XP Incentives:

1xp - Wiki created, which includes at least RP Hooks and complete Character Infobox. This should be created before the PC is approved. Remember to ensure that you have the relevant categories noted at the bottom of your wiki page - [[Category:Potential PCs]] prior to approval and [[Category:Active PCs]] after approval. Also make sure that you are in [[Category:Possessed]] and add the Category for your primary Vice.

2xp - If local. Locals are defined differently for each sphere, but a mortal is considered a local if they have stayed in Fallcoast all their life OR has spent at least seventy-five per cent of their life here OR was born/raised here but had to leave for employment purposes (ie joining the military). If in doubt, ask Staff.

3xp - If apping in as a group/clutch. To be eligible for this XP, the PCs are expected to be working together on grid AND all applications should be received within a week of the first one.

5xp - Least Populated Vice

Possessed Plots

None, currently.