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F A L L C O A S T 2009 ( 2009)
Fallcoast Forum
NEWDiscord Text and VoiP Server
Contributions by staff and players: 3,202
Systems (1.0 NWoD with added GMC merits)
  • Reference Index: 'Sourcebook page references. What is the durability of wood? How many succs should this extended action take? What do I roll when I'm in a car chase? How does grappling work? Where can I get a brief summary of combat? See also this basic explanation of nWoD Cosmology through thematic correspondences!
RP Hooks & Storytelling
  • New Staff Guide: Just so we remember where we put the darn thing.
  • Staff Openings: We are usually hiring Volunteers for Staff. Come help enrich the game and make fun for others!
Sphere Status

xxxxxThe following list is a simple trinary chart. For in-depth information on each sphere's status, check out the wiki page for that sphere.

  • Character Pages: Characters in play and how to add a character page of your own.
  • Player Timezones - When people are available! Please enter your information here.
  • Timeline: Information on the timeline of the city.
  • Setting: Fallcoast & Hanging Hills, Maine. What came before this?
    • Businesses: Businesses in and around Fallcoast and Hanging Hills. Includes residential options for PCs
    • Crime: The criminals of Fallcoast.
    • Fame: The famous (and infamous) who you may see wandering the streets and want a selfie with.
    • Government: Characters that work in the government.
    • High Schools: Important high schools in the region.
    • High Society: The rich and snobbish...not necessarily in that order.
    • Law: Local law enforcement.
    • Medical: Doctors to nurses, psychiatrists to social workers and where they work
    • Military: Characters that were in the military to help with background links.
    • St. John's University: Fallcoast's major university.
    • The Word: Characters that work in information dissemination (media, bloggers, gossips etc).
  • Getting Around
    • Grid: The grid.
    • Maps: Maps of Fallcoast, Hanging Hills and more.
  • Channel List: These are the various channels people may join; some are public, some are private group channels, and some are pretty random.
  • Bulletin Board List: All the many boards.
  • Logging: How to set up an automatic logger in your client.
  • Wiki: To get a wiki account, submit a '+req/web <title>=<blah>' in game where <blah> should be a valid email address, your preferred user name, and a second choice user name in case your first choice is taken.