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F A L L C O A S T 2009.
Contributions by staff and players: 3,136.
Fallcoast has opened on Sunday, June 14th at 5pm pst, 8pm EST. We invite people to take a look around, offer Staff suggestions, get together with other players and make groups, reserve one (1) character bit name, and have fun! We're excited, we hope you are too!
  • Build Guide: A how-to for your build projects.
  • Equipment: Equipment guidelines and a link to the equipment in the +inv system.
  • Lairs: Rules and Information on +Lairs.
  • Relics: House rules and the Relic Crafting system.
  • Virtues and Vices: Expanded Vice and Virtues list.
  • Reference Index: 'Sourcebook page references. What is the durability of wood? How many succs should this extended action take? What do I roll when I'm in a car chase? How does grappling work? Where can I get a brief summary of combat? See also this basic explanation of nWoD Cosmology through thematic correspondences!
Sphere Status

xxxxxThe following list is a simple trinary chart. For in-depth information on each sphere's status, check out the wiki page for that sphere.

Changeling Open
Changing Breeds Open
Geist Open
Hunter Open
Immortal Closed
Mage Open
Possessed Open
Vampire Open
Werewolf Open
  • Character Pages: Characters in play and how to add a character page of your own.
  • Player Timezones - When people are available! Please enter your information here.
  • Setting: Fallcoast & Hanging Hills, Maine. What came before this?
    • Grid: Zone maps and +map.
RP Hooks & Storytelling

  • New Staff Guide: Just so we remember where we put the darn thing.
  • Staff Openings: We are usually hiring Volunteers for Staff. Come help enrich the game and make fun for others!

  • Channel List: These are the various channels people may join; some are public, some are private group channels, and some are pretty random.
  • Bulletin Board List: All the many boards.
  • Logging: How to set up an automatic logger in your client.
  • Wiki: To get a wiki account, submit a +req/web in game with a valid email address, your preferred user name, and a second choice user name in case your first choice is taken.