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Lyta Inara Price
RP Hooks
  • Changeling Sphere: She lives in the Freehold, serving as a scout for trod travel, harvesting trips, and the like. She tends to be quite friendly and eagerly helpful.

  • Dusk Wizened: Rather than the dower/stern person knowing all will end in ashes would suggest, she has /accepted/ it and delights/loves/enjoys ad fiercely as any Spring, knowing her candle burns down, determined to shine and accomplish as it does.

  • Hedge Girl: Spending so much time in the Hedge/Freehold/Hollows and especially being Hob Kin, accounts for her surprisingly high Wyrd.

  • Hedgebeast Companion: V.Mars is an Ear Mite who lives in her ear. Close friends, trading protection, transportation, entertainment for advising.

  • Keeper/Realm: She seems to have conflicting, memories about There. Harsh dystopian future realm at war with another 'sibling' realm. Constant death from eternal War against Pestilence and Rot.

  • Enemy: She /hates/ and is hated by a Taken from that sibling realm who acts as a Privateer, leading a small army of spawned Hobs.


  • Price Family: A member in good standing, always friendly and happy to be with most family members.(When she is not in the Hedge, this keeping her Clarity somewhat intact.)

  • Religion: She is deeply and adamantly against the various religions who follow The God of Abraham, seeing them as outright evil loving. "The most malicious show of hateful power is to make people call evil good and call good evil. As the first book of the bile demonstrates, it's God and followers loved blood sacrifices, absolute war. mass rape, mass murder, mass slavery. And that God wishes to burn for all eternity, any who refuse to bow and worship, purposefully turning a blind eye to that evil. The most powerful and effective Keeper ever.

  • Personality Pre-Taken <Age16: As stern as she was genius, disdaining social contact for study. Took GED at 14 to begin collage towards a law degree.
  • Personality Fetch Age16-21: Sudently cares nothing for law, education, or anything else but chasing ever bigger rushes. Dam fun if dangerous. (Became a blood doll for ??).
  • Personality Returned Age16-21: *Spent at remote Freehold* Broken, lost, unable to cope with the thought of turning to family but plagued by the need to return.
  • Personality Returned-Home Age21+: She has adjusted into a reckless, aggressive, undisciplined, sort of Rogue. But at the same time, vivacious, loyal, and courageous, ally.
  • Courage & Aggressive: She often merges these aspects. Courage not just in facing danger, but in facing it on behalf of others. Aggressiveness is how she then over-expresses that protective side. Good and bad can both come out of the blend.

  • Job: None. She won a lotto when entering town, but sometimes it goes away, and returns. Weird.

  • Goals: Protect/help/socialize with both Freehold and family, having as much good effect and lived life as possible.

  • Current Hangouts: Currently away from Miami, in Fallcoast..





Concept: Scifi Recon Gunbunny
Full Name: Lyta Inara Price
DoB: Summer Solstice 1998
Ethnicity: Syrian N.Arabic
Job: None atm.
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Aggressive
Build: 5'0" Voluptuous
Hair&Eyes: Lt Brown, Amber
Origin: Miami
Sphere: Changeling Tier2
Seeming : Wizened
Kiths : Artist, Apsaras, AirTouched
Mantle : Dusk 1

No logs have been posted yet.