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Supremacy: LONE 28 Halloween III
Dramatis Personae

LONE, Jill, Alison, Qent, Jalal

25 October, 2019



Old Harvest Fairgrounds

Jalal arrives a bit early and after a short wait in line gets into the arena. As crowd files in No Fly Zone is workingthe merch tables and after a short visitthere, Jalal gets his popcorn, some things are tradition after all.

After Baxter lets everyone know the show is about to start, and welcomes everyone to LONE 28 - Halloween Edition, the arena darkens. A pre recorded video begins rolling of No Fly Zone at a local skate park inside a bowl. Felicia twists and turns in the air as she grabs the bottom of her board for what feels like an eternity before letting go and sticking a 450 landing as the wheels clank and clunk against the concrete. Kayoko meanwhile is performing a handstand with one hand while the other holds the board on her feet on the lip of the bowl for several seconds before gracefully dipping back into the bowl, wheels first as she and Felicia intersect one another with increasing momentum and share a high five before Felicia turns around and follows Kayoko as they launch themselves out of the bowl to the outside, using a foot to kick their boards up and catching them as they turn towards the camera.

Felicia: No Fly Zone comin right at you from the Payne Skate Park in Sarasota, Florida. The changing of seasons, the leaves turn from green to golden yellow and red. The winds bring with them a movement that cannot be shaken or undone and much like mother nature LONE too is full of changes both already here and coming soon on the horizon. The Rumble saw Fay Qent win; big congratulations are in order for her. Unfortunately that means neither one of us made it out on top.

Kayoko nods her head solemnly with a frown as Felicia speaks.

Felicia: But that's not going to stop us from spreading our wings and flying! The Tag Team Classic, Queen of the Castle; maybe we'll enter both? The winner of The Damned vs Generations are going to need a new challenger; if Alison Crowne ever renegotiates with LONE and Jack E. Bux there might be another Chasing the Crowne, maybe one of us will challenge her for the championship? Maybe Qent beats her when that match is officially announced; then who's next in line? The opportunities are endless, LONE is quickly becoming that land of opportunity where anyone can stake their claim and make a statement.

Kayoko nods emphatically in solidarity and agreement as she sly begins to pull out a candy bar and starts sneaking bites off of it, almost as if she was hoping Felicia would be too enamored and engrossed in her monologue to notice. Felicia catches this however and with a grin nudges her with her elbow playfully.

Felicia: First the ice cream and now this? You're holdin out on me!

Kayoko smiles and hands Felicia a second candy bar.

Felicia: So you better strap in and lace up your boots because we're shooting to soar to new heights!

Kayoko and Felicia clank their candy bars together as they both drop back into the bowl, picking up momentum before they launch themselves into the air as the camera fades.

Jalal settles into his seat, heis wearing a Nightwing hoodie that can also pass for being in support of Anne Grayson. He watches the video and laughs at the candy bar toast.

North: Welcome everyone to yet another edition of LONE Supremacy! This is Supremacy: LONE 28 - Halloween Edition! I'm Kevin North alongside the ever boisterous and obnoxious DIC...

DIC: The Notorious D-I-C baybay! Don't be jealous that as the lead commentator for LONE you always play second fiddle to me each and every month.

North: Hardly. Arrogant as ever. Anyway, tonight we'll see The Damned in action as they defend their LONE Tag Team Championship against the team of Generations. Also Jennifer Stewart will be in action against the Rumble runner-up, Cinnamon. And speaking of the Rumble one has to wonder if we'll see or hear from the winner of last month's Rumble, Fay Qent as she outlasted 29 other women to become the Number One Contender to the LONE Championship at a date to be determined.

DIC: Well she may be waiting for a very long time, Kev; my sources tell me that Alison Crowne's camp is waiting for a 'fair deal' to be offered by Jack E. Bux and the LONE Administration to agree to wrestle another match under this company's banner. As you know, she's a free agent after Bux committed breach of contract several months ago which means she's in charge of her own destiny and her own schedule; she's even trying out for a spot on the Team USA Olympic Boxing Team!

North: But that's contingent on her defending the championship within a reasonable time frame. I do know that Bux, O'Reilly, and Washington are all working on a solution; and the root cause of how Alison was able to get such ridiculously favorable terms and according to LONE attorneys they should have that answer within the next month or two. Out of respect for the ongoing investigation I won't divulge any further.

DIC: It's not going to matter, Gordon Barrows isn't going to allow himself or his client to be out maneuvered by another petty and frivolous tactic; they'll beat it. When you got someone like Barrows on your side, you'll never be caught by surprise. I'm sure he's already seen their move coming and planned accordingly.

The crowd begins booing and making a ruckus, the cameras quickly panning inside the crowd itself as a large contingent of people were forcing their way through. Many of them wearing red or navy blue shirts with the Olympic Rings visible on the attire. As the entourage moved through the crowd it soon became apparent that the LONE Champions herself, The Highlight of the Night Alison Crowne was at the center of this group clad in black leather complete with a leather jacket and a Punisher skull t-shirt, not letting the time of year escape her, leading it forward as she was flanked on all three sides by her followers, a mixed group of men and women, all of them but her attorney to her right possessing athletic builds. Notably directly to her left was a bald man that stood out from the rest of the group sporting brown mutton chops and possessing the eyes and scowl of a killer. He stood six foot tall and possessed an intimidating presence about him when he meant business as he did right now. Unlike her attorney dressed in his Armani suit or the rest of the men or women wearing Team USA Olympic gear this man was wearing a grey shirt that read in bold black letters “TEAM CROWNE ATHLETIC DEPT” in the fashion of a classic boxing camp shirt that a corner man or coach might wear. Savvy boxing and professional fighting fans would know exactly who this imposing figure was; as did Kevin North.

North: Speaking of the devil and she will appear! There has to be nine or ten people with her in her entourage and is that.... is that Stonehands?! What is he doing here?

DIC: That man is 17-4 as a professional fighter winning at a staggering clip of nearly 81% of his fights, a man with world class striking power, and someone who's roots lie within a strong boxing style. A man that has won a major boxing tournament and MMA Championship? I think that man can be wherever he damn well pleases! He's a champion professional wrestler too to boot. He's the right kind of person you want in your corner if you're taking a jump inside the boxing world.

Jalal joins the rest of the crowd in booing DIC's introduction asn he watches the Crowne posse makes their appearence he comments, "You know I think she is getting more people around her every show."

Alison Crowne and her entourage approach the guard rail as several security guards try to intercept them. One of them makes the mistake of pressing his hand into Stonehands' chest to try to hold him back and with a look of profound irritation Stonehands rears back and hits his famous right hook directly on his jaw causing the poor man to instantly slump to the ground. This causes the security team to stand back wide eyed in fear as the proud Texan fighter flashes a sinister grin, almost as if he was daring any of them to try something. Alison wears a proud smirk and shares a fist bump with him giving the impression that the two may be old friends. Security parts like the red sea as Alison and her entourage hop over the railing before she snatches a microphone from the time keeper.

Alison: Call off your rent-a-cops Bux; I have a right to be here. As long as I have this I can show up whenever I want!

Alison unbuckles the LONE Championship from around her waist and holds it up high to a chorus of boos. She continues to speak as she walks up the steps and enters the ring. Stonehands and Gordon Barrows follows her inside while the rest of her entourage surrounds the rest of the ring.

Alison: And especially after I was assaulted by that felon, Fay Qent, two months ago anyone employed by LONE, directly or otherwise has no business trying to stop me from speaking my piece. But, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. Since the moment I've stepped foot inside a LONE ring I've been disrespected repeatedly. My former best friend stabbed me in the back and put herself ahead of our friendship, Bux was allergic to exercise his authority when some felon kept jumping me and hitting me with cheap shots and lo and behold he not only let her compete in the Rumble but allowed her to retain her claim to being the number one contender without any repercussions during the funeral for my aforementioned former best friend, Terri Thompson's career. I won this championship fair and square as far as the record books are concerned and then he tries to put me in situations with an increasingly stacked deck to try to take the championship off me. My best friend, Lexi Pryce, who did nothing wrong, who's only crime was looking out for my health and well-being was arrested and wrongfully terminated after I was locked outside of the arena and forced to defend in a senselessly hazardous match all across town. I didn't get a thank you for defending on short notice, I never got an apology for almost having a major artery severed by the glass I was thrown through, and I was on my own covering my own medical bills.

Alison adjusts the belt on her shoulder with a nasty scowl written on her face as Gordon Barrows and Stonehands stood slightly behind her.

Alison: It's a double standard that never ceases! Even after LONE breached the terms of my contract they've still tried to do everything within their power to hold me as a hostage beholden to them. But like I've been saying for months, this right here?

Alison taps the center plate with the microphone several times.

Alison: This is power. This is the only authority I need to answer to; mine. So far nobody has been able to pry it out of my grip and at this rate I don't think anyone here ever will.

Jalal boos Allison during her promo and he shakes his head as she makes her points, he knows she is just the villian of the show but a not small part of him really wants her to get punched in the face, but he behaves himself.

“Pretty Vacant” by the Sex Pistols plays as Fay Qent quickly makes her way to the ring, circling around to the time keeper first to grab a microphone. Alison's entourage stares at her but nobody wants to be the hero to stand up to Qent as she forces her way into the ring causing Alison to very visibly roll her eyes.

Qent: Forgetting something or someone? I didn't realize another Alison Crowne moaning session was on the schedule. We get it, you're good. We get it, you like to break people's necks and hide behind weasels and strongmen.

Barrows shoots her a disapproving glance while Stonehands raises his eyebrow and chuckles although it was hard to tell if he was entertained by her brashness or agitated.

Qent: The world revolves around Alison! I mean if that's the reality in our “dear champion's” head then you can consider me the asteroid that'll render your reign extinct! You know what I think it is, what this all boils down to? You're scared, Alison. You can't beat me without some interference to bail you out or a rule that you can bend and break. You can't beat me straight up and that's tearing you up inside, it's a wound on that giant ego you've gotten. I just want what's mine, I want justice for the people, my /friends/ who's lives you've ruined by breaking their necks and I want my title back!

The crowd pops hard and cheers as Gordon Barrows is quick to request the microphone from his client.

Barrows: Excuse you! That title was never legally nor officially yours! You won a rigged contest in which my client was not medically cleared to compete! What kind of person calls herself a “champion” under those circumstances? You broke the rules! Jack E. Bux broke the rules! The law will not sanction or clear any kind of fight or contest to take place or continue if one of the people in question is not medically fit to do so! No state athletic commission worth their salt would ever allow such an injustice to stand! I guess it's true for some people; once a felon, always a felon! Some animals simply can't be rehabilitated and I'm sorry that you have failed our system and society! It makes my heart weep that you do not understand the pain and suffering you inflict on others! It pains me that you do not understand the concepts of self-defense and the inherent injury risks that come with this profession. Alison Crowne has done nothing but obey the law and standards set upon this industry!

Jalal cheers the arrival of Fay Quent, after all she is the number one contender. He watches as the confrontation heats up he leans forward in his seat in antisipation.

Qent: Bullshit! BULLSHIT! Ever since she turned her back on Terri she's done nothing but break rules left and right! Yeah, I've done time, say what you want about me but I'm not going to run or hide from who I was or who I am today! You want to call me an outlaw, call me a fuckin outlaw! I will carry that flag with pride! But I'm sick of seeing Alison parade around acting like she's someone she's not! We've had beef for a very long time in LONE, since LONE 3 and here we are at LONE 28 and we're still at each other's throats! So why don't we end this, here tonight! Why wait? Why wait?! Consider this me exercising my rematch /earned/ through the Rumble? I don't want to double dip, I just need one shot! Alison Crowne vs Fay Qent, for the LONE Championship, Final Chapter! Let's do it!

Alison has Gordon Barrows and then Stonehands whispering in her ear as the three have an impromptu conference. Alison hands the championship to Barrows and takes off her leather jacket, handing it to him as the crowd pops. Stonehands begins rubbing her shoulders, trying to loosen her up and get her ready for a fight. Just before it appeared the two titans would finally clash once more Gordon Barrows chimes in.

Barrows: Not tonight, Qent! Not tonight or any night! You had your chance and you blew it! Bux had a champion he could be proud of and he blew that too! No, you see, you're not going to be fighting for anything tonight except for a bail bond.

As almost as if on cue uniformed police officers began to approach the ring from the back causing Qent to look back.

Barrows: See, two months ago you laid hands on myself and you laid hands on my client, unprovoked and outside of any sports arena or otherwise erstwhile wrestling environment. By doing so you have committed multiple crimes including assault, battery with malice aforethought! You had the intention of seriously harming both myself and my client trying to cause lasting significant or permanent injury. Furthermore you did so on camera leaving nothing to doubt or hearsay. The footage and report have been thusly filed with the appropriate authorities

Qent looks disgusted as the police officers enter the ring.

Barrows: So no, Qent. You will never face my client again in a wrestling ring or any professional venue! You will never receive another championship opportunity against my client so long as she may live! LONE will never see the LONE Championship defended at a LONE event ever again! While we did engage in good faith negotiations to have another match at a rate fair to my client it's clear that you nor Bux were ever interested in returning said good faith. And legally, we don't have to as long as the championship is defended; the terms never stated /where/! So enjoy the slammer, you can catch us next month at Ladies Championship Wrestling From Boston, where my client has already been booked to defend her LONE Championship! Maybe we'll send LONE the tape, free of charge. But one thing I do know; we're done here! Officers, arrest this woman!

Alison grins as the police instruct Qent to put her hands behind her back. Qent hesitates but acts like she's about to comply before bursting out and hitting Alison several times in the head, punching her repeatedly and trying to go for her arm! The officers and Stonehands quickly go to pull Qent off of her and restrain her as the cops begin to cuff her. With her hands behind her back Qent spits at Alison, who quickly pulls herself up and gets in her face. Before anyone can separate the two Qent headbutts her and tries to kick at her! Alison staggers back before throwing her to the mat with a takedown. Alison traps her in what looks like a shoot choke hold and holds on as Qent is unable to defend herself, kicking the mat struggling to breathe. Several police officers try to pull Alison off of Qent but she's got her locked in tight and takes her time letting go, trying to squeeze out every last gasp of air she could. Finally the police pull Alison off Qent, as Qent is escorted away in cuffs, Alison fuming before Barrows talks her down. Finally Alison and her entourage leave the building as they exit through the crowd.

Alison: That's it! I'm done! I'm done! You'll never see this championship live and in person again! I'm done!

Security has all it can do to keep the crowd under control, emotions are high and they seem almost ready to riot as Alison leaves taking the championship with her. Insults and verbal abuse rains down upon Team Crowne, Jalal adds a few choice Hindi swears into the mix.

The ring clears as everyone heads to the back and soon Johnny Baxter steps into the ring.

Baxter: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Baxter: On the way to the ring.

Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" starts up as Cinnamon steps onto the stage with Violent Violet in tow. Cinnamon has black facepaint on her eyes and red eye contacts that make her look like a demoness. Violent Violet is dressed in a purple and black outfit, looking as if she's a witch with a hood on her robe pulled over her head.

Baxter: Accompanied by Violent Violet. From Annapolis Maryland, she is.. CINNAAAAMOOOOOOOOOON!

Walking down the aisle and to the ring, they walk up the steel steps and step into the ring. They smirk and stand in their respective corner, waiting for the match to begin, but not before Cinnamon extends a leg forward and does a split. She starts to lean backwards and sways her arms as if she's slowly swimming backwards, before Violet takes her hand and helps her up.

Baxter: And her opponent, from San Antonio, Texas. She is the Mistress of the Microphone, JENNIFER STEWAAAAAART!

A spotlight shines on the stage as the arena darkens and Jennifer Stewart steps out. She is in a costume that resembles Leelow from The Fifth Element.

Stewart: She calls herself sugar and spice Made of everything that is nice But can she really say her words ring true? After I prove I am twice as nice as yoooooou!

My words on the microphone are concise. My in ring ability is precise I'll show you what it means to be a Queen 1-2-3, I am going to beat you cleeeeeean!

North: And we're off. Two up and coming talents facing off one on one for the first time. Cinnamon has been here since the start but she put forth a very impressive performance at the Rumble that's seen her stock rise dramatically.

DIC: She's the real deal and she's got sex appeal, baby! Jenny, I mean she's been nice on the eyes and all but she's going against Cinnamon now? That train was nice while it lasted.

North: Not for nothing, but Jennifer Stewart has been on a hot streak herself lately.


Stewart and Cinnamon circle each other in the middle of the ring, Stewart keeping her eye on Violet on the outside as they tie up in the middle of the ring. Cinnamon locks her into a side headlock and grins as she wrenches in dramatic fashion, looking to gain the early advantage. Stewart struggles as her face is scrunched and twisted in the angle of the hold as she tries to slip out, managing to eventually slip her head out and push Cinnamon away. Cinnamon turns around and goes back after Stewart but gets taken to the ground with a swift armdrag followed quickly by another in succession. Cinnamon pops up and backs up a little trying to put distance between herself and Jennifer Stewart before Violent Violet hops on the apron, catching Stewart's attention just long enough for Cinnamon to smash her in the back of her head with a violent forearm smash.

North: Clearly there's still some Rumble frustrations between one another.

DIC: Well yeah, I'd be frustrated too being denied first! Jenny put up a good effort but Cinnamon was robbed. I'd hate to be on the wrong end of that today.

Violet quickly hops off holding her hands up defensively as the referee shouts at her all while Cinnamon grabs a fist full of hair and slams Stewart's face into the mat repeatedly before going for a choke.

Cinnamon: Your voice is stupid, stupid!

The referee turns around and sees the choke and immediately calls for a clean break. Cinnamon refuses causing the referee to begin the mandatory 5 count.





Cinnamon lets go right before five throwing her hands up before nonchalantly kicking Jennifer Stewart in the head.

North: Cinnamon nearly got disqualified there, going so far as to add in an uncalled for cheap shot!

DIC: She's got until five, remember that!

Jalal cheers for Jennifer Stewert's rap and even does a little seat dancing asthe match starts. He is solidly behind Stewert after all who could not cheer for Leelow.

Cinnamon jaws off with the referee as Stewart crawls to the ropes to try to pull herself up as Violet quickly darts back to apron after recently hopping off it and pulls down on Stewart's hair trying to choke her on the bottom rope, causing her to kick her feet violently on the mat. The referee turns around as Violet manages to throw her hands up just in time. Stewart struggles to breathe as Cinnamon spreads her arms out wide and gloats.

North: And the blatant two on one continues! Jennifer Stewart is being choked mercilessly,

DIC: Well, she should protect her neck! Not only does Cinnamon have till five Violet has until the referee turns around! She's choking harder than the Los Angeles Chargers!

North: That's not true, her record is a lot better than that team. Regardless, it's uncalled for!

Cinnamon goes to yank Stewart up off the mat and goes to lift her up for the Siren's Kiss but Stewart managed to slip out of her grasp and counter with a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd begins clapping in rhythm for Stewart to rally her as both women are on the ground as the referee checks on them. Stewart ends up on her feet first, this time she makes sure to stay out of Violent Violet's grasp nearby at ringside and sizes Cinnamon up, she goes for a feint looking for a head stomp but instead swiftly shifts her feet and hits a nasty soccer style penalty kick right to Cinnamon's ribs as a lout SMACK echos throughout the arena. Cinnamon clutches her ribs as she immediately loses her composure and falls to the mat. Cinnamon tries to reach for the front of Stewart's attire to try to yank her back abruptly into the middle rope but Stewart grabs her hand and begins to wrench her wrist and slams her elbow over it causing Cinnamon to draw her arm back as she winces in pain. Stewart goes to pick Cinnamon up but she wisely ducks herself under the middle and bottom rope halfway causing the referee to immediately put himself in between the two.

North: Cinnamon using the ropes to get herself a breather. I'd say that's veteran ring presence but after all the rules bending she's been doing she's running from justice more than anything.

DIC: Who died and made you Judge Dredd? If the referee doesn't see it, it's legal! If he sees it he has to call it, and the fact that Cinnamon is in the ropes means Jenny has to back off!

Cinnamon flashes a smug grin trying to taunt Stewart to come at her again and she tries to as the referee pushes her back . The referee turns his back to check on Cinnamon who seems to be feigning an injury but it was all an act as Violent Violet slid into the ring and hit Jennifer Stewart with a running headbutt from behind, sending her falling like a rocket to the mat. The referee quickly turns around but somehow Violent Violet managed to sprint just fast enough to completely make it out of the ring, the only thing giving her away being the middle and bottom ropes shaking violently from her swift exit.

North: Come on, throw her out!

DIC: Violet did nothing wrong!

North: Look at the smoking gun in the ropes!

DIC: He didn't see anything!

Jalal boos the heels as they cheat but can't stop himself from laughing at the cheap shot at the Chargers, it might have been uncalled for but it is funny because it is true.

The referee threatens to eject Violent Violet as he repeatedly points to the ropes as she tries to deny any involvement or interference. Cinnamon slinks out from the ropes and seeing her opponent on the mat quickly goes to lock in a seated sleeper hold. Violet manages to escape ejection as she points to the ring, immediately catching the referee's attention with the submission hold. Stewart quickly fades in the hold as her movements slow and then appear to dissipate. Cinnamon falls down to her side taking Stewart with her in the hold as she tries to lock it in tighter. The referee goes to lift Stewart's arm up in the air and lets go as it falls to the mat limp.

North: Jennifer Stewart is fading fast, she's fading fast!

The referee checks Stewart again and goes to lift her arm a second time only for it to crash limp to the mat once more.

DIC: She's out, ring the bell already!

The referee goes to lift it up one more time and sees it fall like a rock, but as he's about to call for the bell for a submission stoppage Stewart's fist clinches and shoots back up causing the referee to wave off the bell! Cinnamon's eyes bulge in shock as she begins to shake her head and squeeze tighter, desperately trying to put the upstart away. Stewart begins to push herself up, first to her knees forcing Cinnamon to adjust with her rather than breaking the hold. Cinnamon tries to sandbag her weight to try to force Stewart back down and nearly manages to force her all the way back down to her side. The crowd claps and stomps their feet louder as they begin to really get behind Jennifer Stewart now and Stewart forces herself and Cinnamon back to their feet. Stewart shoots back several stiff elbows to Cinnamon's ribs but Cinnamon refuses to let go. Stewart tries to reach for the ropes but Cinnamon has her locked in too tight and drags her back to the center. Finally Stewart seeing no other remedy reaches back with both hands to grab a hold of Cinnamon's head and comes down to a seated position, causing Cinnamon to recoil hard from the impact, letting go and falling to the mat like a shooting star clutching her jaw.

North: Jennifer Stewart fought her way back up and she finally broke free with that stunner variation.

DIC: But the damage has already been done.

Violet tries to shout words of encouragement to Cinnamon as both women are on the ground again as Cinnamon's submission hold may have already done all the damage she needed to carve out a decisive advantage. The referee checks on both women and begins the standard ten count as neither appears to be stirring all that much.



North: Neither woman has stirred much yet. Stewart is trying to catch her breath but Cinnamon might be knocked out just the same.

DIC: Come on, get up Cinnamon!



Jennifer Stewart begins to stir first as she crawls towards the ropes again, this time directly opposite from Violent Violet.


Jalal is telling for Jennifer to get up and finish of Cinnamon, standingand pounding on the backofachair to encourage her.

Cinnamon starts to stir and crawls towards the other end where Violet is shouting and trying to rally her partner back to her feet.



Stewart is pulling herself up with the ropes but falls to a knee. Cinnamon is halfway up resting heavily on the middle rope trying to shake out the cobwebs.

DIC: Cinnamon is up! She's up!

North: She needs to stay up, she needs to stay up longer than a second or two. Stewart already got up and fell.


Stewart tries to will herself back to her feet and this time she manages to, if barely get completely back to her feet with her arm draped over the top rope for leverage.


Cinnamon gets up to a vertical base, the referee ceasing his count as he judges both women able to continue this match.

North: Both women are up, barely but they're up!

Cinnamon seeing her opponent leaning against the ropes quickly walks over to her and tries to rain a few punishing punches down on her as she almost appears to be incapable of defending herself, flirting with a referee stoppage before Stewart sprung her trap. Stewart, letting the ropes absorb a bit of the impact a la Muhammad Ali suddenly wraps her arms around her neck like a venus fly trap sprung into action!Cinnamon's eyes go wide in a full blown panic as Stewart immediately maneuvers them away from the ropes in one fluid motion as Cinnamon tries her best to wedge her hands in between to keep the oxygen flowing to her brain. Stewart sees this and manages to transition the hold to a cobra clutch showing some surprising strength and resilience with her submission mastery as she manages to manipulate the joints at just the right angle to do what she wanted. Cinnamon tries to reach out as Violet hops on the apron and extends her hands to try to pull her to the ropes but Jennifer Stewart wasn't willing to give an inch without a price. Cinnamon begins to lurch forward only for Jennifer Stewart saying something to Cinnamon, perhaps a verbal taunt as she manages to lift her up with the hold still locked in and arcing her body, waiting for the right moment to let gravity do it's thing and slam Cinnamon down to the mat hard.

North: Look at that beautiful cobra clutch suplex! Cinnamon just crashed like a stone in a lake!

DIC: That was an illegal choke throw!

North: Perfectly legal, DIC and with impressive power to boot! You don't normally think of Jennifer Stewart as working a power style but she's got those hidden reserves inside her!

Jalal cheers that suplex since it was as North said a hell of a display of power, he yells out, "Cover Her." inploring Stewert to gofor the win while she can.

Violet puts her hands on her head in shock, surprised how Jennifer Stewart was able to sucker her partner in like that. The referee instructs her to immediately get off the apron or face ejection. Stewart immediately goes for the pin. 1.......2......THR-KICKOUT! Stewart sits up flashing three fingers before seeing two in response, shaking her head and picking herself back up as Violent Violet begins to look around her immediate surroundings. Jennifer Stewart scoops up Cinnamon and places her head between her legs as she mimics dropping a microphone on the ground before she begins to try to lift her up. Meanwhile Violet managed to snatch a chair out of the audience and already folded she slides into the ring behind her and slams it right into her back as the referee immediately calls for the bell and the disqualification. The crowd lets Spice and Ice have it with the chorus of boos raining down upon them from the packed arena.

North: This is disgusting, Jennifer Stewart had this match won, but Spice and Ice weren't going to let this match ever reach its conclusion!

DIC: You gotta have your partner's back, no matter what! The team that sticks together stands tall together!

Cinnamon lands safely on her feet and stumbles towards the ropes as Violent Violet violently and repeatedly swings the chair down on Jennifer Stewart, threatening to hit the referee as he quickly darts out of the ring. Cinnamon smirks as she begins to direct traffic with Violet, instructing her to place the chair on the ground. Violet does as the two partners begin to get into position as Jennifer Stewart gets lifted up for the Sex and Violence; their aided wheelbarrow facebuster tag team maneuver and slams Stewart's face onto the chair! Jennifer Stewart lays motionless on the mat as Spice and Ice raise their arms triumphantly.

Baxter: Your winner by disqualification... Jennifer Stewart!

North: Jennifer Stewart got the victory but not the way she intended. This makes me sick!

DIC: Maybe in the record books but right now she don't quite look like a winner. Spice and Ice are standing tall and perception is reality!

Jalal boos the finish, and winces as Jennifer gets his with the Sex and Violence. He shakes his head and more naughty Hindi comes out.

Previously recorded footage after the last month's Rumble begins to roll as Ashley Lopez and Hannah Kix appear to be in the middle of an argument. Lopez looks a bit worse for wear as she's definitely showing some battle wounds from her brawl to the back with Rook.

Lopez: What about the plan!? You were supposed to be out there for me, you were supposed to take out Rook and her gaudy little sunglasses to give me the best chance to win!

Kix: Pardon? You eliminated yourself! What about me, huh? Why didn't you come out with me to watch my back and give me the best chance to win? We were supposed to be the final two...

Kix's thick Parisian accent and agitated tone only serve to agitate Lopez further.

Lopez: Excuse me? It's not my fault you pulled an early number and got taken out by Evelyn. Huh, little Miss Kickboxing Champion? How are you going to get that title match you want when you can't even survive in a free-for-all environment? Aren't your legs supposed to be registered as lethal weapons?

Kix gets in Lopez's face and starts shouting.

Kix: Vraiment? Vraiment?! Je suis désolé, j'ai un paresseux, bon à rien, excuse d'un partenaire! Nous étions censés nous réunir pour mettre en garde la liste complète et saisir les occasions méritées. Il n'y a personne sur cette liste qui puisse tenir une bougie à Alison Crowne sauf moi! Je suis celui qui pourrait lui botter le cul dans un ring de lutte, dans un ring de boxe, dans un octogone, MMA, la musculation ; vous nommez la compétition et je pourrais la battre! Décidément! Par la bonté de mon cœur, j'allais te permettre le premier coup quand je la défais et deviens le LONE Champion et à la place tu craches un tas de haine contre moi?! Je n'ai rien fait d'autre que de porter ton cul vert de cette façon, je t'ai mis sur mon dos et je t'ai empêché de te noyer dans un océan de tes propres erreurs; tu me dois! Peut-être êtes-vous la vraie raison pour laquelle Bux ne m'a toujours pas donné le coup de feu! Ça doit être! Je devrais vous faire manger votre Kix maintenant! Comment ça?

Lopez: Hey /puta/, you know I can understand what you're saying, right?

Kix flashes a smirk and gets in her face.

Kix: Bien, mords-moi.

Lopez: I'd bite you but it looks like Evelyn already took a bite out of you.

Kix shoves Lopez causing her to stumble back, before Lopez responds in kind with a shove back.

Lopez: This is getting us nowhere! Don't you see this is exactly what Bux wants to see?! He wants us divided so he can have an excuse to say neither one of us has earned our shot!

Kix: Qui vous a élu le chef tout d'un coup? Maintenant, vous vous souciez soudainement? Où était-ce plus tôt ce soir?

Lopez: I cared before you even made a damn move! Sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, watching my career go nowhere! Taking a job in retail that I had no passion or desire for while you were at least able to make a case for yourself in the ring! You /had/ opportunities, opportunities you took for granted! Maybe that's the problem, that I do care too much...

Lopez storms out of the locker room as Kix stares on.

Jalal sadly Jalal does not speak French so he does really know what Kix is saying during part of that but in general he sees to be on her side more than Lopez's.

Backstage, our cameras pick up on Anne Grayson and Ainslee Avalon, better known as Generations, the number one contenders for the tag team championships.

Anne: You ready for tonight?

Ainslee: Born ready. No way I’m letting those freaks keep those belts from us. We’ve been beating every challenge coming at us so a couple of Hot Topic loving Emo kids won’t hold us back.

Anne: Hey now, Hot Topic was awesome… when I was 15.


Ainslee: What’s so funny?

Anne: What’re you talking about?

Ainslee: You literally just laughed.

Anne: Definitely didn’t.

Ainslee: It’s not halloween yet, grasshopper.

Anne: This is halloween, this is haloween!


Ainslee: There is is again!

The laughing had Anne’s attention now and the lights in their hallway go out and it’s pure black.

Anne: Ainslee, what the hell kind of joke is this?!

Ainslee: Not a joke from me, Kid, but whoever’s trying to pull this is going to get their ass kicked!

The lights come back on in a red flicker and figures of shadows start to show. Anne and Ainslee instantly get ready to fight whatever is happening or whomever is messing with them. The laughing continues and with the flickering the figures appear and vanish, move around and the camera is in front of Generations now and behind them is a figure that appears to be just a shadow, no real features can be made out. When feeling that something is behind them, a brush of cold air ran by and the lights go out to pure darkness again. In a brief moment the lights are back, colors are normal as if nothing happened except Anne screamed when a phrase, written in a dark red, runny lettering - blood-esque if you will, was spelled out.

Acts 4:12

After gaining her composure, Generations don’t look too pleased and the camera pans on the writing and we cut away.

Jalal shivers a bit at the antics of the spooky duo, "They are really creepy, if I didn't know better I would almost think they had a ghost working with them."

Baxter: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Baxter: And it is for the LONE Taaaag Team championships!

“Cross Off” by Mark Morton feat. Chester Bennington and the crowd along with the commentators aren’t sure what to think or who the theme belongs to. Then, the screens bring up the names Ainslee Avalon and Anne Grayson. The crowd pops loud and both women in matching red and white attire with their “Generations” t-shirt being sported, step out from behind the curtain and make their way down the ramp, tossing their shirts to the crowd. With a fist bump they make their way to the ring. Ainslee up the steps, Anne sliding in. She pops up to one knee with her arms out and Ainslee behind her with her arms crossed and they look to the entrance for the champions, The Damned.

North: This is going to be a match for the ages ladies and gentlemen. The Damned who have been a team here in LONE almost since the inception and have been making waves in the tag team division since the beginning and then you’ve got newcomers to the division making waves of their own, earning contendership fairly quickly.

DIC: This is a tough one to call. The Vampire Freaks versus my queen.. Making some questionable decisions but she’s my queen! And then miss flippy floppy.

North: Can you ever just call them by their names?

DIC: They have names?! You mean it’s not Dat Ass, and Make me a Sandwich?

North: Wow, DIC. Well sorry for my partner folks but it’s about time for our champions to make their grand entrance!

With silence from the crowd, as the lights in the arena suddenly turn to a very dark red color as “I’m damned” by Vampira with Satan’s Cheerleaders plays over the public address sound system. Walking out onto the stage with the Holy Bible in hand, Sister Catherine stands on the stage with this sadistic grin curled along her lips. The camera takes a moment to focus on some fans holding up signs in crimson font that reads Jonah 2:8. Walking down the aisle very slowly, Sister Catherine keeps the Bible clutched to her chest. Stitches walks behind her with her head hung low.

Upon reaching ringside, Generations didn’t waste time as they bolted across the ring and two well times flipping dives over the top rope sent Generations crashing across The Damned. The crowd goes from silent to lit up, Generations firing them up and the lights back to normal. Damned start to get up and Generations help them as well. Sister Catherine and Stitches, dazed, fire off a few punches of their own but Ainslee drives a knee into Sister Catherine meanwhile Anne throws Stitches into the guard rail. It keeps stitches down but she’s smiling and laughing. Anne and Ainslee have eye contact and a nod says they’re on the same page.

North: Generations taking the fight to The Damned from the get go, taking the moment to catch the champions off guard! Generations have made it known that they aren’t about messing around and always taking the risks and the fight straight to the opponent!

DIC: My queen is going to make them sparkle! So wait… would Stitches be the werewolf here? Or is she whats-her-nuts? The human that plays both fields? Always knew she was a freak.

North: Really not sure, but what I do know is that if Generations doesn’t keep this fight going on The Damned then things could change very quickly! The high octane action from the beginning is exactly what LONE fans have come to expect!

Ainslee rolls Sister Catherine into the ring, the bell rings and Ainslee follows. Sister Catherine had it scouted and immediately rolled over with a kick to Ainslee throwing her off guard; a quick cover but only one. Ainslee got to her feet in a hurry and Sister Catherine is taking her time but Ainslee being the hot head that she is rushes in and connects a mean looking shining wizard on Sister Catherine and covers. The pin attempt only got two because Stitches hopped in and broke it up. With a sinister smile she slithered back towards her corner. Ainslee picked up Sister Catherine and walked her over towards Generations’ corner. Ainslee doesn’t make a tag right away though as she gives Sister Catherine a nice loud and powerful chop across the chest, giving the crowd a nice *SMACK* to listen to.

North: Ainslee is keeping that intensity alive! Sister Catherine had a one count but Ainslee coming in with that shining wizard and a huge chop that you can hear from wall the way downtown! The fighting is coming to Sister Catherine that I don’t think she was expecting!

DIC: She might be a sparklepop but I’ll give it to Sister Catherine that she learns. She learns how to make the best damn bacon sandwich you’ll ever have! My queen has full control right now and that’s exactly how it should be. It’s obvious that the Damned underestimated Generations coming into this and we’re looking at new champs baby! Go queen!

North: And it looks like Generations are going to be keeping things fresh and keeping The Damned on their toes! Ainslee may have a tag in mind.

Ainslee tags Anne in but Anne doesn’t jump in right away. Ainslee takes a few steps back and charges in with a back elbow knocking Sister Catherine in a seated position. Anne bounces off the bottom rope and over the top with a seated dropkick. Anne rolls backwards and is about halfway across the ring. A full head of steam she jumps and a hesitation dropkick but missed! Stitches came running around and nobody was able to notice and pulled Sister Catherine out of the ring just in time. Anne was holding her lower back and Ainslee reaches over the top and tags herself in. Ainslee climbs to the top rope and jumps off to the outside where Stitches moves Sister Catherine out of the way to take the hit and just keeps laughing. Ainslee gets to her feet from the crossbody and Sister Catherine from nowhere jumps up and lands around Ainslee’s shoulders, spins and a twisting headscissors takes her down. Sister Catherine rips off her nun inspired entrance gear and Ainslee hits the guard rail. Collecting herself leaning against it and Sister Catherine with full speed connects a climbing style shining wizard with another loud *SMACK*. Stitches staggered over and helped Sister Catherine get Ainslee back into the ring.

North: Tag was made but Stitches staying one stop ahead keeping Sister Catherine out of danger, keeping those tag team championships out of danger! After what we saw earlier, tensions are high and this match has got a big fight feel to it but the Damned are going to have to do a lot more now that they have control to keep those belts!

DIC: Sister Catherine can’t even come up with her own moves! She got hit by that knee from Ainslee so she wants to use it now! Despicable, North. Despicable I tell ya! But they’re back in the ring and now this is where my Queen can take control again. She rules that ring! That ring is her beeotch!

North: Time will tell as this goes on but right now The Damned changed the tide with the action outside but they have to stay on top of Generations if they’re going to keep the belts. Generations came in hungry and ready to take those belts but The Damned are the champions for a reason. Sister Catherine is in control, lets just see if they can keep it!

DIC: Just shine the spotlight on them and they’ll sparkle!

Sister Catherine takes her time back into the ring, taunting at Ainslee who’s partner, Anne Grayson, is on the apron cheering her partner on. Sister Catherine paintbrush slaps Ainslee across the back of her head a few times, yelling bible verses at her but Ainslee pops up, scooping Sister Catherine to her shoulders looking for something but is stopped in her tracks quickly with elbows to the side of the head/neck letting Sister Catherine wiggle out. Sliding down Ainslee’s back, Sister Catherine flips her around and a jumping knee staggers Ainslee towards Stitches who desperately wants to get tagged in. When close to the Damned’s corner, Stitches leans in and with her trademark, starts to bite Ainslee’s head. Sister Catherine drops Ainslee with a lung blower and a cover but only two. Ainslee was able to get her shoulder up. Sister Catherine and Stitches smile, as if they are happy it’s not over. Sister Catherine walks over to her corner and tags in Stitches, and on the other side of the ring Anne Grayson is getting the crowd stomping and clapping to get Ainslee over for the tag. Stitches tries to roll up Ainslee with a Magistral Cradle but Ainslee rolled through it keeping Stitches latched and got to her feet and the crowd erupted!

DIC: The queen is up! What did I tell you, North?! What did I tell you! Ainslee *wants* this and Twilight are just expecting it. Despite those illegal maneuvers biting on Ainslee’s head and quick counts, all odds against her and she’s still in this! Even flippy floppy is cheering for Anne to do this! Only one can do this. Let’s go queen!

North: Ainslee is showing off that power and resilience of hers right now! Despite everything that Sister Catherine just threw out at her but it just continues to show how much both members of Generations want this! Ainslee has Stitches on her shoulders coming out of that magistrol cradle!

Ainslee walked to her corner with Stitches on her shoulder and tagged in Anne Grayson. Anne jumps to the top rope, flips forward grabbing Stitches head and it’s a spinning neckbreaker/samoan drop double team combo. Anne bounces to her feet and runs to Sister Catherine on the apron. Anne DDTs Sister Catherine on the apron but… NO! Sister Catherine just popped right up to her feet and when Anne turned to see it, a mule kick doubled her over, she hopped to Anne’s shoulders and connected a reverse rana on the apron! Anne was on her feet too but not in the same fashion as she was just staggered, out on her feet if you will but Stitches was somehow still moving and reaches over the ropes wrapped her arm around Anne’s neck, bending her backwards like a reverse DDT. Stitches uses the ropes to bring Anne up and into the ring, spinning around to face more to the inside of the ring, Stitches, who’s legal, lands an elevated reverse DDT to Anne and covers.

One… Two… No!

Anne got her shoulder up just in time!

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* THIS IS AWESOME! *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

Stitches can’t believe it so she slowly lifts Anne back to her feet and Anne fires back with a burst of energy smacking Stitches who slaps back. Back and forth the smacks turn into elbows and then punches, rapid fire. Stitches then shoves Anne off of her who hits the ropes and comes back with a big superkick. Stitches staggers back into the ropes and hits Anne with a big elbow. Anne comes back off the ropes again but speeds up running at Stitches and ducks a lariat attempt and hitting the ropes behind Stitches. Stitches turns around and tries to catch Anne off guard but both had the same idea with two big Yakuza kicks and both slowly fall flat on their back.

Crowd: FIGHT FOR-EVER! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* FIGHT FOR-EVER! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

North: Fight forever indeed! Im right there with this crowd right now, DIC! Anne came in and picked up the pace with some of the scariest hits I’ve ever seen in my time in the business and the fact that Anne was hit with that reverse rana on the apron and still came back to go head to head with Stitches to that double Yakuza kick that has flattened both women! This crowd is on fire and *this* is what I expected in a championship match!

DIC: Alright, alright, I’ll admit it. Flippy Floppy is doing pretty good and holding down the fort for my queen. I mean, it’s clear that only Ainslee is going to be able to actually *finish* but Grayson is doing alright keeping the match going so Ainslee can recoup herself for a minute.

North: The count has begun for both women to get up or be counted out with a knockout!

The ref was giving them a knockout count but they’re staggering to get up. Ainslee is calling for the tag and so is SIster Catherine. The fight was intense so far and Anne made a leap of faith jumping a good couple of feet and made the tag. Ainslee gets in the ring quickly and drags Stitches away from her corner and with a rear waist lock, forces Stitches to her feet but Ainslee isn’t done. She lifts Stitches to her shoulders with an electric chair and tags Anne back in. She climbs to the top rope and takes her leap of faith landing on Stitches shoulders, spinning around and with a bit of an umph from Ainslee and the Electric Chair Reverse Rana they call The Oracle Combination. Before they could even make a move and the ref was checking on Stitches after the big move, Sister Catherine caught Ainslee by surprise with Red Mist!


North: The Oracle Combination! That electric chair reverse rana combination of Generations that we’ve seen them win matches with in the past but just cut short by that damn red mist from Sister Catherine before it could be capitalized on! Sister Catherine definitely had that lined up in case things got tough and it was looking pretty gloom for the champs there for a minute! Anne is looking pretty confused as well!

DIC: Come on ref! Open your eyes! Your ears! For once listen to these idiots that paid money to see anybody but my queen and embrace those that did! ILLEGAL MANEUVERS! ILLEGAL MANEUVERS!

It was like a light switch flipped in Stitches and she got up, almost as if she just didn’t feel pain anymore with her pain filled smile. Anne realized it was two on one and tried to even the odds quickly but Stitches ducked the lariat attempt and Sister Catherine sprayed Anne with mist too! She was blinded and the ref didn’t see it! Sister Catherine puts her arms out and looks up as if to praise and runs at Anne, and right next to her is Stitches! And just like that Damnation! The Spear and Clothesline combination from The Damned to the blinded Anne Grayson and it turned her inside out, flipping her to her gut. Sister Catherine rolls Anne over and covers her.

One… Two… Ainslee is working on getting into the ring… Three!


Baxter: Your winners and STILL LONE Tag Team Champions... THE DAAAAMNNED!

Ainslee just didn’t have enough in her to make it for the save leaving The Damned to retain the championships.

North: A hell of a fight here tonight ladies and gentlemen, but the Tag Team Champions showed their experience as a team here tonight and retained the titles against perhaps their toughest challengers to date! I have to believe this rivalry is far from over and we’ll be seeing them square off again!

DIC: Just goes to show that flippy floppy will never been at the Queens level! Anne Grayson *lost* this match for their team. But I agree, North, this isn’t it! They’ll be back and Ainslee will make sure they win the belts next time!

North: That's all we've got for you tonight folks, thanks for joining us as always and we'll see you all again next month on November 29th!

Jalal is living and dying by the action in the main event. He cheers for Generations throughout but alas it is not to be, when the bell rings he slumps down into his seat stunned for a few moments before he gathers his things and heads out with the rest of the crowd.