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Supremacy: LONE 27 The Rumble 2
Dramatis Personae

LONE, Jill, Alison, Qent, Jalal

27 September, 2019



Old Harvest Fairgrounds

Ms. Gucci announced at #1. Ms. Gucci doesn't look happy to be #1.

  1. 2 is announced as Evelyn Price. Crowd pops. Bell rings.

The two go to town on each other. Back and forth. Almost have each other eliminated.

  1. 3 is announced as one half of Hart & Soul, Soul.

Soul & Gucci double team on Evelyn. Evelyn manages to hang on in a corner. Gucci manages to take advantage of Soul focusing on helping Gucci try to eliminate Evelyn, so Gucci dumps her over the top rope.


Still in ring: Gucci & Evelyn

  1. 4 is announced as Cinnamon.

Evelyn is resting in a corner. Cinnamon takes her time coming to the ring and starts jaw jacking with Gucci. Evelyn springs back up and starts going to work on Gucci. Cinnamon's eyes go wide and she takes this as an opportunity to get into the ring, attacking Evelyn. Cinnamon and Gucci actually start working together, hitting double team moves on Evelyn and they try to eliminate her over the top rope but she hangs on.

Anna Stadfeld is announced as #5

Still in ring: Gucci, Evelyn, Cinnamon, and now Anna

Anna looks reluctant to enter, with Cinnamon and Gucci begging her to. Evelyn gets up and when the two turn around, Evelyn double clotheslines them both! Anna decides to come into the ring now, trying to turn Evelyn around only to get hit with the Price to Pay (Clothesline from Hell) Evelyn peels Anna off of the mat and eliminates her.


Evelyn tries to pick up Gucci who eyerakes her, then tries to eliminate her. Cinnamon takes notice of this and decides to talk more smack towards Gucci. Now the two are trading blows while Evelyn is resting on the apron.

  1. 6 is announced as Hannah Kix.

Still in ring: Gucci, Evelyn, Cinnamon, and now Kix

Kix comes into the ring. There's a mexican standoff with Gucci, Cinnamon, and Kix all insulting each other. Evelyn manages to get back into the ring and the three jump her. She starts shoving them off one by one. Whenever Evelyn tries to mount offense on any of them, the other two would jump her from behind. Evelyn gets backed into a corner and while the 3 start to lift her up and try to dump her over the top turnbuckle...

  1. 7 is announced as Stitches

Stitches comes into the ring like a house on fire! She knocks down Cinnamon with a double axe handle blow to the gut, ducking a clothesline from Kix and then hitting a pele kick, and then when she turns towards Gucci she gets hit with the That's SO Gucci (Perfect Plex)

The newly formed alliance trio of Kix, Gucci and Cinnamon start stomping on Stitches, but then they all back off as they realize Stitches is laughing on the mat. She seems to be enjoying this!

  1. 8 is announced as Marie Porter

Still in Ring: Gucci, Evelyn, Cinnamon, Kix, Stitches, and now Porter

Marie Porter, instead of being her usually bubbly self, puts her game face on and slides into the ring. She starts pummeling the back of Hannah Kix, and Cinnamon and Gucci both try to get Porter off of her. This gives time for Evelyn and Stitches to get up. Stitches starts trading blows with Gucci while Evelyn is trading blows with Cinnamon and the crowd is eating it up!

Stitches locks her mandible claw onto Gucci, who is starting to fade now. Once Stitches lays Gucci down onto the mat and sees she's out, she pulls away and starts to pick her up, walking her over by Gucci's hair towards the rope. Gucci realizes she's facing elimination and starts to hold onto the rope.

Evelyn tries to hit her Price to Pay on Cinnamon, who ducks it and responds with her Sugar & Spice (Standing Heel Kick)

Evelyn is out cold in the center of the ring!

Kix gets the better of Porter, and then hits Eat Your Kix!

  1. 9 is announced and it's..... TICK L.!

In the Ring: Gucci, Evelyn, Cinnamon, Kix, Stitches, Porter and... Tick L...?

Tick L. waltzes to ringside, and when she gets there... She just stops. The others look on, and Tick L. just taps her temple as if to say she knows something that they don't. The others disregard her.

While Evelyn is out cold, Cinnamon looks over to see Stitches still trying to dump Gucci over the top rope and she... decides to help Stitches! The two struggle and get one leg over, but Gucci continues to hold on.

Kix goes to pick up Marie Porter after Eat Your Kix! and as Marie is waking up, she swats Kix's hands away and responds with a European Uppercut! Kix stumbles backwards, up against the ropes near the entrance way. Tick L. decides to be a menace and hold onto Kix's right ankle. Kix turns to see what's going on and sees Tick L. is the one holding her foot! When Tick L. realizes she's caught, she puts her hands up defensively and takes a step backwards. While this is going on, Marie is lining up Kix and rushes to try and clothesline Kix over the top rope! Kix sees this in time and ducks, bending forward and back body dropping Marie Porter over the top rope!

Marie grabs onto the top rope, however, and lands on her feet on the apron, facing Kix. Before she can do anything, however, Tick L. sweeps her legs out from under her and Marie hits the apron and then rolls onto the floor.


In ring: Gucci, Evelyn, Cinnamon, Kix, Stitches, Tick L(on the outside)

Porter starts arguing with Tick L when she gets to her feet, and Tick L throws her hands up defensively again and starts to back away. Referees come to try and stop Marie from going after Tick L. and order Marie to the back.

  1. 10 is.... SLAPP!

Tick L's face lights up as Slapp comes running down to ringside to join her partner. Oh yeah! They've had it planned all along! Once they realized they come out after each other, they were gonna wait and come through and clean house! They both slide into the ring!

... Only to meet a double clothesline from a recovered Evelyn Price who eliminates them BOTH over the top rope in what has to be the quickest rumble elimination ever in LONE history!


Slapp and Tick L. start to argue with each other. Evelyn laughs at them both. Kix stands behind Evelyn and attempts to go for a German Suplex, only to meet a back elbow from Evelyn. Evelyn turns around, picking up Kix and pressing her over her head, and then tosses her over the top rope onto the Juggalettes!


In Ring: Gucci, Price, Cinnamon, Stitches

Gucci puts a thumb to the eye of Cinnamon, who staggers backwards and Gucci manages a knee to the side of the head of Stitches. Gucci gets back into the ring and starts yelling at Cinnamon and shoves her, then points towards Stitches. Cinnamon shoves back and this fires up Gucci. Gucci goes for a clothesline but Cinnamon ducks it, causing Stitches to get hit!

Evelyn Price comes over and starts clobbering both Cinnamon and Gucci, not forgetting how they were working to eliminate her for a while.

  1. 11 is... KAYOKO ICHIKAWA!

In Ring: Gucci, Price, Cinnamon, Stitches, Kayoko

Kayoko rushes into the ring, and right when she gets in, she hits Starstruck (Spinning Heel Kick) on Gucci!

Miss Gucci falls to the mat with a loud thud as Kayoko connects on target. Cinnamon clubs Kayoko in the back of the head with her forearm sending her down to the mat. Evelyn slips behind Cinnamon and suplexes her to the mat, holding on to pick her up again. Cinnamon however grabs ahold of the rope and holds on to block the attempt. Evelyn switches tactics and tries to dump her over the rope instead as Cinnamon desperately clings on. Miss Gucci gets up and tries to get a two-for-one elimination and tries to dump Evelyn out as well. Kayoko gets back up and goes for a triple elimination as this jenga tower of sorts topples precariously close to the edge, Evelyn and Miss Gucci both topple over the top!


Cinnamon's left foot touches the ground on the outside as the referees check but she keeps her right foot hanging above ground as she tries to pull herself back in with the ropes. Kayoko is celebrating as...

  1. 12, Violent Violet sprints down to the ring.

Kayoko is quick to meet her inside the ring, Violet hitting a rather violent flurry of punches to buy Cinnamon enough time to safely get back into the ring. Stitches grabs Violet from behind and starts trying to bite her ear off! Violet howls in pain reaching back to jab her thumb into her eye to force her to let go. Kayoko starts hitting Violet with a combination of kicks before Cinnamon manages to intervene. Spice and Ice team up for a clothesline on Kayoko, knocking her down. They drag her over to the ropes and try to tip her over the top but Stitches leaps onto Cinnamon's back and tries to dig her fingers into her eyes.

  1. 13 is Homeless Hannah!

Hannah takes her time as the four women brawl with the intent of eliminating each other. Hannah munches of a Sloppy Joe as she enters the ring. Cinnamon turns as Stitches body is flung into her, sending Homeless Hannah toppling over to the outside!


Kayoko tries to grab Cinnamon from the apron to pull her over the top as Violet goes for a vicious headbutt, nearly knocking her down to the outside in a split second. Stitches finally gets flung to the mat as Cinnamon works with Violet to try and get the elimination. Stitches grins wildly as she grabs Cinnamon's right leg and Violet's left leg, taking them off balance and trying to pull them away from Kayoko. Spice and Ice hold onto the top rope to avoid whatever Stitches may have planned but Kayoko manages to recover and with a death (and elimination) defying feat springboards back into the ring, launching her body on top of Spice and Ice as they're nearly horizontal. Kayoko pops up off the mat pumping her fist into the air.

  1. 14 is Madison Anderson!

Madison runs out and sprints into the ring quickly swinging at both Kayoko and Stitches, knocking Stitches to the ground. Stitches laughs as she takes a few good blows but Kayoko seems to be intent to keep this highly unlikely alliance alive for the moment as she intervenes and hits Madison with a ripcord pull in knee kick to the stomach. Stitches for the moment continues to work with Kayoko as they nearly eliminate Madison before Violet unexpectedly comes in for the save, more focused on revenge in the moment. This allows Madison to rest, albeit precariously leaning near the ropes as the entire arena falls silent.

  1. 15 is... The Glorious One!

All eyes immediately stop and lock onto the former LONE Champion, who takes her time getting to the ring. Spice and Ice, Kayoko, Madison, and Stitches all wait and the latter three immediately rush the nearly flawless veteran during her first run. Glorious One takes the wave after wave as the three try to work to quickly eliminate her while Spice and Ice huddle and talk strategy. Glorious One starts firing off one punch after another knocking the three women down like a trio of bowling pins lined up one after another. Spice and Ice are quick to hold up their hands, pleading innocence but Glorious One has none of it as she goes after them next! She takes Cinnamon down with a snap armdrag before slamming Violet down with a snap release german suplex! Glorious One calls for the spotlight backbreaker and looks to connect on Violet but Cinnamon comes in with a knee trembler, briefly halting her momentum. Now the five remaining women are all on the same page as they coordinate to have the former champion eliminated. They manage to get Glorious One halfway over the top rope before Spice and Ice immediately toss an unguarded Stitches and Madison Anderson to the outside!


Kayoko manages to barely hang on as she rests on the apron precariously, right now no longer at the forefront of Spice and Ice's mind. The Glorious One however managed to recover from a near elimination as she gets her body back inside the ring. Spice and Ice go for the double team, repeatedly beating her down before Cinnamon holds a limp Glorious One barely upright against the ropes. Violet backs up and goes for the running big boot looking to run her over and dump her to the outside with authority but at the last possible second Glorious One shoves Cinnamon away and ducks as Violet painfully straddles the top rope before Glorious One dumps her out to the floor!


  1. 16 is Anne Grayson!

Grayson sprints to the ring and springboards into the ring only to catch an immediate right hook from the Glorious One in mid air, sending her to the mat. Glorious One shakes her fist from the impact just giving Cinnamon enough of an opening to retaliate. Cinnamon tries to go for a quick Siren's Kiss but Glorious One manages to slip away and behind her before catching her in a rear naked choke, falling to the mat! Cinnamon struggles to stay conscious but she's fading awfully fast as her arm starts to go limp.

  1. 17 is Jennifer Stewart!

Stewart takes her time going to the ring, singing about the rumble and the rewards of which she hopes to earn. When she eventually makes it to the ring Kayoko has inadvertently saved Cinnamon from elimination as she tries to eliminate Glorious One as she's tipping Cinnamon over the top. Cinnamon barely clings to the bottom of the rope by the apron. Glorious One clings on and fights her way back into the ring. Stewart finally joins the action and wastes no time going after Kayoko. Stewart being fresh has the upperhand and manages to spin her down the the mat with an exploder suplex. Glorious One catches Stewart from behind with her attention focused elsewhere and manages to crack her with The Spotlight.

  1. 18 is Ainslee Avalon!

Avalon runs to the ring and goes for a Savage Kick on Glorious One. Glorious One sidesteps the attempt and knocks her silly with a spinning backfist. Grayson is finally back up at this point and clings onto Glorious One's back, trying to choke her out as Avalon repeatedly tries to hammer away at the former champion. Generations manage to work Glorious One over to the ropes while Kayoko and Stewart work one another over.

  1. 19 is Hookah Jones!

Hookah makes her way to the ring and goes back and forth between the action, helping Generations and trying to help Kayoko against Stewart, neither instance does her help appear to be wanted; inadvertently creating openings for Glorious One and Stewart respectively to regain their footing. Hookah slams Kayoko to the ground after being shouted at in Japanese, managing to surprise Kayoko with several counters as Kayoko attempts to get the upper hand before Hookah just unleashes on her with SDT: Slap Dem Titties (Repeated knife edge chops to the chest). Kayoko gets clotheslined over the top rope! Kayoko crashes but manages to hang on as her right foot snags the bottom rope, leaving her hanging upside down! Hookah celebrates what she thought was an elimination but Stewart tips her over the top rope and to the outside!


  1. 20 is Hurricane Katrina Matthers!

In the Ring: Kayoko, Glorious One, Cinnamon, Ainslee Avalon, Anne Grayson, Jennifer Stewart, Katrina (on the way to the ring)

Katrina slides into the ring and goes for Stewart; coincidentally saving Kayoko for the moment as she continued to hang upside down. Stewart and Katrina trade blow for blow, Katrina managing to hit her with an impressive spinning side slam. Generations meanwhile struggle to deal with Glorious One who manages to be faring quite well despite being at a handicap disadvantage, managing to clank their heads together after fighting them off with a series of rights and lefts before. Generations falls to the mat clutching their heads as Glorious One makes her way over to Katrina and Stewart. Katrina and Stewart strike a temporary alliance as the biggest fish currently in the pond quickly closed in on them. Katrina and Stewart waste no time hammering on the Glorious One, forcing her down to a knee. Glorious One gets whipped to the ropes as Katrina and Stewart go for a clothesline, Glorious One ducks and rebounds off the ropes and goes for a double clothesline of her own, Katrina and Stewart wisely split to the left and the right to avoid before sandwiching her with stereo dropkicks.

  1. 21 is Hart!

Hart sprints into the ring and slides in trying to cheap shot Jennifer Stewart, managing to get a nasty forearm to the back of the head to connect. Hart goes after Katrina and tries to hit a spinning heel kick but Katrina catches the foot, spinning it away as Hart tries to hit with a dragon whip. Katrina ducks and drops her with a spinning sidewalk slam. Hart clutches her back as Stewart gets up, teaming up with Katrina to toss Hart over the top rope.


Cinnamon is up again now and hits a cheap chop block on Katrina and Stewart causing both to fall awkwardly on their backs. Cinnamon then mounts Stewart and begins punching her repeatedly in the face, Stewart struggling to protect herself as Cinnamon appears to have gotten a second wind. Meanwhile Kayoko managed to get herself inside the ring and and starts trading blows with Glorious One, trying to work her over near the ropes.

  1. 22 is... OLGA!

Olga comes into the ring and starts to mow everyone down within her path. Generations, barely back up for nearly thirty seconds gets hit with a pair of successive polish hammers. Kayoko goes for a springboard move on Olga but gets caught in mid air, only to be Olga Bombed and jackknifed straight out of the ring!


Katrina leaps off the top rope and manages to catch Olga with a tornado DDT, planting her to the mat. Jennifer Stewart waits for Olga to get back up and hits the Last Dance double knee facebreaker, leaving Olga on her feet amazingly still. Olga staggers to the ropes as Stewart and Katrina try to lift her up and over the ropes but Olga with her tremendous strength shoves them both backward and off their feet. Glorious One claps and pats Olga on the shoulder, catching a vicious side eye and tries to orchestrate an alliance. Olga picks the former champion up and catches her in a devastating bearhug! Glorious One gasps for air as Katrina goes for another tornado DDT but this time Olga stays on her feet and pulls her into the bearhug as well, crushing them both! Both women fall limp as Olga drops them just in time for Jennifer Stewart to charge at her from the blind side, only for Olga to spin on dime and hit a vicious clothesline, leaving Olga as the only one standing!

  1. 23 is......

The lights go out before flashing red as Sister Catherine is in the ring.

  1. 23 is Sister Catherine!

Sister Catherine bares her fangs as she stares down Olga. Olga charges at Sister Catherine but Sister Catherine bends backward at an almost supernatural angle as Olga's clothesline completely misses. Sister Catherine runs off the ropes as Olga looks to turn around, looking to hit a running Crossbody of Christ but Olga catches her in mid air, transitioning her grip and looking for an Olga Bomb and walking towards the rope but Sister Catherine managed to transition out of her grasp and planned her with the Bloodlust Impaler DDT. Olga is finally down as Generations rushes Sister Catherine trying to beat her down, forcing her to a knee. Generations goes for a team move as Grayson holds Sister Catherine up in a full nelson; trying to set up for a double team maneuver as Avalon gets ready to put the offense into motion. Sister Catherine spits the red mist in her face, causing her to stumble back blinded. Grayson improvises and hits Sister Catherine with a russian legsweep before checking on her partner. Avalon, blinded and all however isn't aware of who's in front of her and decks Grayson with a heavy right, forcing her to the ropes. Avalon backs up and clotheslines Grayson over the top rope!


Sister Catherine gets up as Avalon manages to regain her sight and clutches her head in horror as the reality dawns on her. Sister Catherine tips Avalon over the top rope. Avalon manages to land on the arpon and fights to get back into the ring but Sister Catherine had the upper hand, throwing several punches to stagger Avalon. Avalon still manages to hold on and resist, managing to fire several punches back. Sister Catherine stumbles before trying to lunge forward trying to go for a bite to the neck! Instinct takes over as Avalon hops off; momentarily forgetting she was in a rumble!


In the Ring: Glorious One, Cinnamon, Jennifer Stewart, Katrina, Olga, Sister Catherine

  1. 24 is Hip O. Potamus!

Hip O trudges down to the ring as Stewart makes her way to Sister Catherine, having fought off Cinnamon for the moment and begins brawling with her. Hip O meanwhile takes her time, trying to soak in the moment before entering the ring. She sees a downed Olga and goes for her and lifts her up with a smile as she tries to lift Olga up, Olga sandbags her, acting as dead weight as Hip O struggles to try to get her off the ground. Olga then shoots up off the mat and hits a nasty looking throat thrust before lifting Hip O up in a military press and tosses her out of the ring, aiming for the first row and comes close as her body clips the side of the guard rail on the way down.


  1. 25 is Rook!

Rook immediately makes her way to Katrina as they go to work over Cinnamon, looking to work over the longest lasting woman in the match by far. Katrina lifted Cinnamon up in a gutwrench as Rook ran off the ropes and hit a nasty knee to the temple before Katrina transitioned into a gutwrench backbreaker. Cinnamon groans as the duo picks her up and tries to tip her over the top rope and after some effort they manage to do so as Cinnamon lands on the apron. Katrina and Rook nearly get her to release her grip on the rope but Olga, still on a path of destruction shifts her focus to the young upstarts. Katrina gets knocked down as Rook immediately tries to ambush her with a legsweep looking to trap her in the deadly heel hook. She catches Olga in the hold as Katrina goes for a side headlock to try to put as much pressure as possible on her. During all of this Cinnamon managed to get completely back inside the ring before rolling out to the outside under the bottom rope.

In the Ring: Glorious One, Jennifer Stewart, Katrina, Olga, Sister Catherine, Rook

Outside the ring but not eliminated: Cinnamon (under the bottom rope to the outside)

  1. 26 is Fly Felicia Hawkins!

Sister Catherine is quick to meet her inside the ring, Jennifer Stewart leaning against the corner, keeping her head on a swivel. Felicia shoots a few swift kicks before going for a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takedown, launching Sister Catherine into Jennifer Stewart, as both stumble outwards after impact. Sister Catherine and Jennifer Stewart see a common enemy and try to concentrate their efforts on Felicia. Felicia manages to dodge some of their offense before Sister Catherine and Jennifer Stewart catch her with a double flapjack. Meanwhile Olga has her hands wrapped around Katrina's neck against the ropes as Rook is getting up off the mat. Rook kicks Olga's injured leg trying to get her to release the hold causing it to buckle noticeably but Glorious One attacked Rook from behind, freeing Olga up to choke the life out of Katrina. Glorious One goes for the Spotlight and goes to lift Rook up but Rook manages to slip out and captures her in a headlock takedown. Glorious One fights out of it and gets back to her feet. Rook gets up and tries to go for a takedown to lock in her heel hook submission. Glorious One resists the attempt and shoots a hard knee into her skull. Glorious One goes for the Spotlight again but Rook slips out at the last moment and catches the former champion off guard and tips her over the top rope and to the outside as the entire arena and The Glorious One is in shock!


Seconds after the elimination Olga manages to dump Katrina to the outside, Rook turning her head just a second too late.


  1. 27 is Pretty Fay Qent!

In the Ring: Jennifer Stewart, Olga, Sister Catherine, Rook, Felicia, Qent

Outside the ring but not eliminated: Cinnamon (under the bottom rope to the outside)

Olga immediately goes for Qent, the bad blood still as fresh as ever. The two wildly brawl around the ring throwing haymakers at one another. Stewart, Sister Catherine, Felicia, and Rook pile on top of Olga and Qent trying to take out the two heaviest hitters on the roster in one fell swoop. Qent and Olga continue to hammer at one another despite having four other women on their tails as they were as determined as ever to end one another. Olga and Qent get beaten back to the ropes as they try to literally force the two out with overwhelming pressure and it was only then that Olga and Qent turned their attention elsewhere. Qent and Olga seemingly form a very tenuous alliance as they begin teaming up against their assailants as they begin to knock them down over and over again like bowling pins. Once they fought off the four, Olga and Qent went back to slugging it out; their truce shattering as quickly as it began.

  1. 28 is Prada Paula!

Paula makes it to the ring and immediately avoids the two titans and goes straight for a tired and worn down Sister Catherine. Paula pounces on her, first stomping on her before dropping down to deliver some vicious mounted punches. Sister Catherine throws some punches herself, doing a decent job of trying to protect her face despite the length she's been in the match for. Paula makes her way to her feet and tries to drag Sister Catherine to the turnbuckle, trying to slam her head into it. Sister Catherine shoots a few sharp elbow shots to the ribs to try to get out of her predicament. Meanwhile Qent was down on one knee as Olga was hammering away at Qent.

  1. 29 is Amy Stadtfeld!

Amy slides into the ring just in time for Olga to grab Qent by the legs and began to swing her around the ring, taking Amy out right at her knees. Olga holds on, managing to also hit Felicia who unluckily was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time as Qent collides into Felicia's knee. Olga lets go of Qent and stumbles and notices Amy Stadtfeld in the ring. She scoops her up with a military press and tosses her into the front row! Amy tries to use her dexterity to prevent her feet from hitting the floor but she loses her footing on the railing as she was looking to jump onto the stairs, her feet touching the floor.


Felicia is still on the mat, clutching her left knee and rolls over to a corner. Back to Sister Catherine and Paula, Paula clutches her chest as Sister Catherine hits a vicious looking knife edge chop, hitting one after another fighting her way out of the corner. Paula finds herself dangerously close to the ropes as Sister Catherine goes to try to force her over the top rope. Paula finds herself on the apron soon but with a handful of hair forces Sister Catherine to join her there as they slugged it out, fighting for survival. Sister Catherine takes a gamble and shoots a running knee into Paula's ribs, causing her to double over before kicking at her shins causing Paula to lose her footing to fall to the outside!


Paula is enraged as Sister Catherine pulls herself into the ring as she hops back onto the apron and grabs her by the hair and pulls down, causing Sister Catherine's neck to collide with the top rope! With Sister Catherine dazed Prada Paula grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Sister Catherine over the top rope and thrown to the outside!


In the Ring: Jennifer Stewart, Olga, Rook, Qent, Felicia

Outside the ring but not eliminated: Cinnamon (under the bottom rope to the outside)

  1. 30 is Ashley Lopez!

Ashley Lopez immediately zeroes in on Rook, who's resting in a corner. Rook seeing Lopez enter pulls herself up and immediately closes in as they brawl near the ropes. Meanwhile Olga has got Qent halfway over the top rope, Qent holding on like her life depended on it. Jennifer Stewart gets behind Olga and tries to lift her over the top rope as well, trying to get a two-for-one elimination to not only dramatically improve her chances of winning but to put an explanation point on her early career. Olga lets go of Qent and grabs Stewart with a two handed choke hold and tosses her out of the ring!


For a while, Medical personnel were checking on Felicia Hawkins in a corner. When she let them know she can continue on and was finally able to get away from them, she decides to take advantage of a distracted Olga and see if she can actually complete what Jennifer Stewart tried to accomplish. Olga sees her coming and gives her a swift headbutt, then tosses a dazed Felicia Hawkins over the top rope. Both of Felicia's feet hit the apron and under normal circumstances she would have probably been able to stay on her feet, but her knee buckles and she falls to the floor.


In the Ring: Olga, Rook, Qent, Ashley Lopez

Outside the ring but not eliminated: Cinnamon (under the bottom rope to the outside)

Rook at this point appears to have the upper hand over Ashley Lopez having whipped her to the ropes and looking to hit a discus clothesline but Lopez ducked and launched herself at Rook with a Cactus clothesline, her momentum carrying her and Rook both over the top rope to the outside! After they reach the outside they brawl all the way to the back.


In the Ring: Olga, Qent

Outside the ring but not eliminated: Cinnamon (under the bottom rope to the outside)

Olga goes for a clothesline to try to power Qent over the top to the outside but Qent moves at the last second, causing Olga to collide with the rope. Qent quickly charges at Olga looking to hit the Tomahawk Chop clothesline to send her over the top this time and she does! Olga lands on the apron, having held onto the middle rope and pulling herself up before her feet touched the ground. Qent and Olga exchange haymakers as Qent tries to score that elusive elimination over her hated rival. Olga battles back and tries to make her way back into the ring but Qent makes one final push and launches herself like a missile, spearing her through the ropes causing Olga to crash to the outside!


Qent begins to unpeel herself from under the top and middle ropes as Cinnamon slithers back inside the ring.

In the Ring: Cinnamon, Qent

Cinnamon goes to dump Qent from behind over the top rope and she does! Cinnamon gets on her knees throwing her arms up in the air thinking she just won The Rumble! Qent however held onto the top rope, her feet dangling precariously over the floor below to the outside without touching. Showing immense strength Qent skins the cat, pulling herself up using the top rope and back onto her feet inside the ring all while Cinnamon was prematurely celebrating. As Cinnamon turns around Qent hits her with a Tomahawk Chop, sending her over the top rope and to the floor!

Winner: Pretty Fay Qent