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Silver Ladder Caucus - June 2016
Dramatis Personae

Bezoar, Cassiopeia, Element, Hypatia, Minx, Naamah, Piper, Saalah, Susanna Prince

June 4th, 2016

A bunch of Thearchs all Caucus together, in June


Allhearts Philanthropy

For the Caucus meeting, the private offices central chamber has been spiffed up a bit; banners in the colours and with the sigils of the five paths hang off the walls, and a large meeting table dominates the room, with high-backed chairs. There's a table to the side overflowing with catering - cold dishes, mostly - and refreshments in the forms of various coffee, tea, sodas and water.

The Claviger is in her formal factotum robes; green, with silver glyphing along the trim, denoting her titles and positions, and the plunging square neckline held together by an ornately carved stone clasp. Her hair is tied together in a complex braid, crowning her head and trailing down her back, and beyond a lens inset in a gold pendant, she wears no jewellery. Standing next to the head of the table, but clearly intending that seat for someone else, she waits.

Delaina is on time! Being a Disciple of Time means you don't ever show up late if you don't want to, and she doesn't want to. And so, she's there, in her ceremonial robes as well - simpler than her teacher's, as befits her lower station, a simple green robe trimmed with auburn. She's lucky enough to have the gift of wearing ANYTHING well, and so she looks more or less at ease in the robe. Her hair is down and loose in the back, braided in the front. She's content to stay near the wall quietly, hands clasped in front of her.

Element was a bit concerned over something she completely overlooked. She only went to one caucus last year and she was practically sheparded in and given a robe. Thankfully Element had Matter, and before showing up she turned a silk bathrobe into a much fancier and longer silk robe laden with purple and a brown trim. Would Nothing fancy carved into them, no time for that, besides her silver pendent that was her spellcasting tool of course. Otherwise her hair is laid down silky smooth down the back of her head as always, she looks around, gulping a bit. She wasn't too great at formal things.

A young woman arrives seemingly on time, with two men at her sides. All three wear similar enough attire: white tanktops, blue jeans, and workboots. Of the two men, the only one that's likely to be recognized is Coop. It's fairly difficult to miss that long, flowing hair when it's as unkempt as it is. Suzy leads them both, and wears her blonde hair held up in a bun. She looks over those gathered, and her gaze falls on Cassiopeia for a time. Coop, however, fishes a faux cigarette out of his pocket, and happily asks, "Problem if I smoke?"

Where's Saalah? Late as fucking usual. His arrival comes with short breath and sweat building upon his forehead. He's at least dressed appropriately enough. Purple robes that could do with a bit of ironing, with bits of brown trim to be found at the neck, sleeves, and end. He leans forward, rests his hands on his knees, and tiredly asks, "How late am I?"

The red-headed Claviger sketches a curtsey as the heavy-set and elderly Hierarch settles in the high seat, resplendent in his robes of purple and brown with heavy ornamentation. The Deacon, Hypatia, wears the Red and gold of a Warlock, and settles on his right."Just in time, friend." Cass offers to Saalah. With a smile. Checking the watch on the wall. Furrowing her brow slightly. Cassiopeia looks to Coop with a small smile. "I don't think it will be a problem. The air-conditioning here is pretty good." Clearing her throat a little, before focusing on the gathered Awakened and Sleepwalking alike. "Alright, so. Our first caucus in a while. I'm hoping this will be a monthly thing. Attendance is not mandatory, but it will be where the agenda for our order is set, and decide how we try to influence the Consilium, if people have any interest in that." She spreads her hands, and gestures to the side table. "Please, feel free to collect refreshments as we start. For an agenda, I figured we'd begin with introductions and an assessment of the Order as it stands today, then follow up with personal projects, and round off with Consilium business and requests to and from the other orders. I'd also like to welcome the representatives of the Queen of Cups who have joined us today, to asses a potential alliance. We are most grateful."

"I'll start the introductions," Cass offers, after an awkward pause. "For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting before. I am Cassiopeia, Claviger and in charge of day to day business of the Vox her in Fallcoast. I also have the honour of serving on the Council of the Pentacle. I am a Famulus Superior, a Factotum, and a Master of Life. I follow the call of the Dreamspeakers in serving this Consilium, and I am a Shaman on the Path of Ecstacy." Gesturing to her robes. "In case it wasn't obvious."

Minx waits for Cass to finish her introduction, then steps forward. "I know most of you..." She flashes Cass a smile, then looks back to the others. "But I'm Minx. Pretty new to town, and to the order. Adept of Life, Disciple of Time and Mind, Initiate of Spirit, Dreamspeaker and also a walker on the Path of Ecstasy. I'm excited to work with all of you."

Coop smiles when he gets a yes, and doesn't wait a moment to light up. He takes a drag, and lets out a pleased sigh filled with smoke. Before he can take another pull Suzy yanks the weed out of his mouth, throws it on the ground, stamps it out, and growls, "Not the place." A beat passes, and she adds, "Clean it up." He groans, and begins slowly picking up the pieces whilst Doug laughs and takes a seat.

Saalah moves over to a chair for his part, but remains standing for introductions. "I'm Saalah; Gaoler of Ialdabaoth on the Path of the Leaden Coin, Acolyte to our fine Order, and Disiple of Matter, Spirit, and Death." He offers a slight smile after that's out, and muses aloud, "It's always a pleasure to see a few of my fellow Thテゥarchs gathered together."

Element decides to wait for the others to speak for a moment and nods a bit, still unsure over all of this but speaks with the firmness that was expected of her. "I'm Element, Acolyte and follower of the Path of the Leaden Coin, and a Disciple of Matter. This is my first Caucus here back home at the Coast and I hope to be of use for the Vox Draconis in the future."

Piper is here, trying to make herself comfortable by helping herself to refreshments. What is apparent is that the dark haired woman looks deeply uncomfortable in formal attire; wearing the red and gold of the Mastigos, Piper's robes compliment her nicely, or would if it weren't for how she magically seems to be even more stiff and unpleasant than usual. She looks down at them as she enters, plucking at them with a small frown before she settles in. "Piper," she greets after a moment, her gaze drifting to Suzy and her crew. "Acolyte. Warlock on the Path of Scourging, Disciple of Time and Space, Initiate of Mind." She nods around, expression comfortably neutral for now. "Pleasure, and all that."

"Hypatia. Magister and Deacon, Second-Degree Master of Mind and Space. Factotum. Former Councilor to the Pentacle for the Mastigos of Fallcoast." The Deacon offers, in her soothing alto voice. The Hierarch nods is head. "Hierarch Bezoar. Magister and Third-Degree Master of Death, Matter, and Prime. Good to meet you all."

Cass looks to Suzy and her friends, to see if they wish to share anything.

After he's done cleaning up Coop moves to sit down by Doug. Suzy remains standing, and clears her throat. "I'm Susanna Prince, this," she says with a hand out towards him, "is Cooper Prince." Lastly, she moves her hand to address the last of the Sleepwalkers, "And this is Doug Williams. We're here to watch, and see if your words hold true. I want to see what you've to say of this dream of yours."

Cass nods, and after being given the nod in turn from the Hierarch, straightens. "First, our current order projects. I'd like for people to see what they can do to help out with both the Chapterhouse, and if they know anything - or anyone - that could be of help to us. Our Cryptopoly and our Silver Dynasties are an amazing way for us to help inspire and influence Sleeper society, and for us to show the rest of the Orders a hint of what we would like Hieraconis to be. The cabal that was in charge of Allhearts Philanthropy and upholding the Cryptopoly have left for better places, and taken some of their staff with them. We will fill those gaps." It's not even a question. "That is the current order agenda, and after we discuss our personal projects and current consilium business, I'll be happy to have new business - be it order or consilium - brought to the table. Would anyone like to share any of their personal projects, be it to give us a sense of who you are and what you wish to do, or to ask for assistance from the order? Now's the time." She takes her seat again, sipping from a glass of water.

A simple nod given to the Sleepwalkers, both in recognition and in greeting, and Piper turns her attention back on Cassiopeia; she stands up again, apparently not particularly comfortable sitting in her robes, standing stiff but pensive. Her left hand rests on her hip like a reflexive action; feeling nothing there, she frowns and shakes her head. "... I'll try and see what I can find," she offers, eventually, to the councilor's request. The talk of personal projects just makes the young woman go silent, instead letting her gaze just drift off to the side. Maybe she just doesn't have anything to offer, there.

Delaina holds up a hand briefly, less waiting to be acknowledged than just letting everyone know she's about to speak. "Is there any particular area you think would be wiser to focus on first?"

"For the chapterhouse? We should look into warding, primarily, but I'm sure our Necromancer contingent wouldn't look askance at having one of the offices converted to a lab or some such. For people..." Cass pauses, considering. "We want people in every institution of note in this city. Police, City Hall, Corporate Offices, Hospitals, the media... Anywhere. We want information, and we want to be able to sway things like building permits and having cases put in the right hands if one of the Awakened draws attention to themselves. We wish to be just as we hold aloft our Hermit's Lamp, and show the way to a better tomorrow."

Element offers a hand after Delaina's answer is question "Well, while we're not experts, me and Saalah over here will be starting our quests to becoming alchemists, and of course we'll always be willing to offer our talents to the Order first, so feel free to ask us of that." She looks to Cass after mentioning that. "I'm working my way into the media, sure its just a photographer for now but I should be able to work my way into rubbing shoulders with the right people. Though I won't lie, I'd like advice on what I'd do when inside...its a whole new world for me, never thought I'd become a shaker and mover." She laughs lightly.

Delaina flashes Element a warm smile. "If you need a crash course on that kind of stuff, let me know, yeah? I'll be happy to help however I can." A slight nod. "No big deal. Just let me know."

"Just... be patient about it. Try to get in the right spot to sway the story," remarks Piper to Element, eyes refocusing for a moment to turn on the Moros. "It's all about spin. Making it seem more appealing to present a story one way than another. For clicks, or what the f--" She catches herself, realizing she's in a formal meeting, and clears her through. "... or whatever. Besides... more public sympathy when we need it, the better." She glances to Delaina, offering a quiet little nod.

"Very good. No personal projects then?" Cass offers, maybe a little disappointed. "If you change your minds, you'll know where to find me." A beat. "Next order of business - the Consilium. We're still waiting for the go-ahead on the Rogue Apostate, but he's been holed up and hasn't acted yet, so we're good there. Sentinel Kara of the Ungula Draconis is handling the nitty-gritty, but as I was the Councilor calling for the strike team, I'm involved in an advisory capacity. We've also had incidents of some sort of kraken-like creature showing up at the docs, handled by the Mysterium and Talon Blades of the Ungula Draconis. Additionally, the Mystagogues have requested our help in diverting sleeper traffic from certain areas of St John's University while they finalise construction for their new Athenaeum. I've already begun making arrangements via the people we know in City Hall, and our friends who are in desperate need of some last minute tax write-offs. I figure some donations to the University and some sped-up city planning approvals will be enough to let them get their jobs done unseen." Looking over the gathered crowd. "Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we as an order should focus on, or ask the Consilium to focus on? Be it just for the next month, or in general? Remember, there will be a general Consilium Caucus soon, so this is your chance to have things prepped for the agenda."

Delaina tilts her head slightly, nodding after a moment. "Yeah. Um. I'd be happy to help with the university stuff. I'm good at talking to people." She pauses. "As far as us...I don't know. I think the Cryptopoly needs to be our first priority." A pause. "Right?"

Brows furrow a little bit at Cass' disappointment. Piper looks like she might speak, but then simply thinks better of it, going silent again. Rogue Apostate, Kraken creatures, though. Those earn a quirk of Piper's brow, but she remains relatively quiet for now as she listens to Cass' running assessment. Her dark eyes look up to Cass, giving a simple nod. "Don't have much in the way of city connections, but if there's any way I can help with any of that, I will." She looks aside for a moment, staring at the Sleepwalkers for a long, silent moment. Eventually, she lifts a hand, slowly. "Them," she states at first, flatly. And realizing it sounds like a condemnation, adds after a moment, "Their situations. Mages owning slaves like that, treating them like dirt. They know Vox mudra, which means at some point, their situation was on us and we either caused it or helped make it worse. I don't like that." She frowns, and shakes her head. "I don't know if it's even relevant anymore, but I don't wanna see that happening again. Not here." But realizing she's offering no suggestions and just venting, she shakes her head. "... Guess that's all I've got."

"That is a good point." Cass nods to piper, gesturing to Susanna. "We are offering our hand in alliance to the Queen of Cups and we'll do what we can to help keep the George Washington Primary School safe for you. You are welcome to sak for any assistance you need. Should you wish it, we will be happy to help you find jobs within or without our cryptopoly - the former if you decide you wish to work with us, the latter if you wish independence. Individually, or in groups. You have been mistreated, which you certainly don't need me to tell you, but... What was done to you was a grave injustice. And one I'd like to see us bring to rights. By restoring you, primarily, as you are here, now."

Delaina frowns. "Wait. What happened?" She looks between Piper, Cass, and then Susanna. "Sorry. I don't know what we're talking about. I'm kind of out of the loop." She gives Susanna an apologetic smile.

Most of the words and their meaning are lost on the Sleepwalkers, and they don't do much to hide much of their confusion. Suzy muses, "Your mess sounds crazier than a barrel full of monkeys in a waching machine, but it's nothing out of the ordinary, I suppose." A pause follows, and she clears her throat after Doug elbows her in the thigh. "Yes, I'll say flatly that we don't trust you. Not yet, and maybe never." Another elbow comes, and harder this time. "BUT," she says with an askance glance in Doug's direction, "we will take any help you've to offer, and see what it is we can do in return as payment."

The presence of Muriel has been relatively quiet and unassuming. Well as much as a vibrantly dressed woman with clunky jewellery can be. She is quiet happy to stay out of the lime light, at least for this meeting thing.

Element didn't blame them for not being trusting of them. "Sounds like a fair trade to me." She looks at Cass and shrugs slightly "I'd love to start some personal projects myself but Im just getting situated, who was that valkyrie looking woman the other day? Kara? She's an alchemist and I might ask for some advice from her. I might also look into that university thing the Mystagouges are asking. If I may ask, whats the status of the other Orders in this town?"

"We fucked up," is Piper's eloquent answer to Minx's question. "Screwed up. Whatever. And they paid the price for it." She nods her head in the Sleepwalkers' direction before casting her gaze downward. She accepts that distrust as if it were only natural, listening to Cass' words. "Yeah. Guess that's the best we can do right now," she decides, slowly unflexing her fingers before looking to find her seat once again."

"Every order is disorganised, to some extent. For the Libertines, that's to be expected - they're numerous and fairly anarchic, but they do have an Assembly for voting, and they have both Councilor and Provost on the council. The Guardians of the Veil are mysterious and secretive, but they're supposed to. They, too, have sent representatives to the council. The Mystagogues are, I'm told, just about ready to elect their councilor, and the Adamantine Arrow is in a similar position, though the Arrow, at least, have Consilium officers such as Sentinel Kara - and yes, she does trade in alchemy -" A nod to Element there. "So I'm sure she'll be happy to speak with you. Speaking of Provosts - and consilium positions. It's unfortunate that Doc had to deal with an urgent missive to Boston, but I'm sure we'll make do. That said - each order is expected to offer at least two members up for the positions of herald and sentinel. We have one herald already, but I am ready to appoint a second. Similarly, if you have interest in the positions of Provost or Sentinel, please let me know." Bowing her head.

Delaina nods a little at Piper, brow furrowed slightly. "Oh. Okay. Shit." Her hand goes to her mouth, and her eyes get big. She mouths 'sorry' to everyone, blushing bright red. After a moment, she speaks again, looking over at Cass as she does. "I think Piper would be an awesome Sentinel. Um. I could probably be okay at being Herald?"

"I," Piper begins. She pauses, considering -- but Minx's words do the speaking for her. Smiling wryly, she offers the Thyrsus a nod of her head. "I'd be a poor man's Provost, but yeah, I'll throw my hat into the ring for Sentinel. If you'll have me." She looks back to Cass, head tilt.

Element was in no position for any role, far too low. She smiles at Cassie "Thanks for the explanation, one other thing I wanted to ask, whats the status of Hallows in this city? I'm told they are quite rare and I figured we could get a heck of a leg up and some resources if we were to scout them out."

"Fluctuating. They are pretty rare, and they shift over time. I'm sure charting them out would make for an excellent personal project." Cass offers, with a smile and a nod.

Minx grins at Piper quickly and mouths, 'sorry' to her as well, before looking back at Cass. "I would like to be considered for Provost someday. I just don't think I'm ready yet. Hopefully soon. But not yet."

With a small, dry smile, Piper just shakes her head to Minx as if to wave off that apology with a voiceless 'not a problem.' She remains quiet for the moment, crossing arms over her stomach as she looks to Minx. "Think you'd make a great Provost," she offers, after a moment.

Muriel lifts an eyebrow a little at the comment of not being ready. Though, she continues to keep relatively silent. She is, at least this time, only here to watch and not overly get involved.

"Alright. I'll talk to those who've expressed interest after the meeting. Thank you. Finally, we have a representative of Allhearts with us today. This is Naamah." Cass gestures to Muriel. Giving the Proximus a small smile. "She is one of the Illuminates currently gracing us with her service. I will let her speak of her specialties."

Finally brought to attention, Piper looks at Naamah with a slight, appraising squint. She shifts in her seat, but otherwise remains silent for now to listen to the Proximus' words.

A playful face is given to Cass by Murie and she sweeps to her feet with the flamboyancy one would expect from a famed face and she is one. "I mostly deal in spirits." says Muriel with a bright grin, one hand lifting to her chest to drop against it, "I watch 'em and keep trasck of what I can. The lovely lady there." Towards Cass Muriel indicated, "Asked me to be available and I said I would be." Her explaination is both informative and evasive. "If I can do it for ya, I'll do it, basically." One shoulder lifts up, causing the bangles around her wrist to jingle more.

Cass gives a nod, and a small smile in return. "Alright. Excellent. That was all I had planned for tonight, so unless anyone else has something they want to offer, I'll just let you mingle and socialise, and talk to the volunteers for our consilium positions."

Minx nods at Muriel. "It's nice to meet you." She then beams at Cass. "Thank you for running the meeting. I really appreciate it. It was good to meet almost everybody, finally."

The somewhat vague words makes Piper's lips pull into a neutral line of though as she watches the rather spunky Naamah. One hand lifts, brushing hair out of her eyes as she considers those words. Eventually, she just gives a silent nod. She seems to understand well enough, at least. "Pleasure," she says, before standing up onto her feet as Cass calls the meeting, rolling one stiff shoulder, than the other. "Yeah. This was necessary. Good to have a clear agenda."