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Purple Daze Craze
Dramatis Personae

Isrieal, Kheiron, Charley

10 January, 2018

Two new patrons discover Hypnotiq and get to know one another over some purple daze drinks.



The dreamlike club is open to all, with dim glowing lights and trance like music that winds through the atmosphere. It feels like an escape from reality for sure. Isrieal is currently standing up near the bar with a drink before her. She wears a black dress with midnight blue lacing down the back and styled like a corset. Her moonwhite hair spills about her slender figure in loose curls but something about her doll like demeanor carries an intimidating presence.

Kheiron meanders in a nicely cut suit with a fitting coat to it to fend the weather off. He looks around the place taking in the odd and dreamlike atmosphere they built. A light nod to himself in approval before he made his way to the bar to see what they served. Of course his eyes wander to Isrieal, how could he not look that way. Though the intimidating presence of her let it be only glances for now, not the woman you disturb without good cause.

Unless said woman happens to own the place, then she's most likely to disturb any new face she sees herself. "Oh hello her." Isrieal purrs in her Russian accent while turning her sharp blue gaze to the fine dresed man. "Welcome to Hypnotiq. Is there anything we can get for you?" She asks him. "A special or just about any drink you could want really." She says with a chuckle and gestures to a chair. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

Kheiron blinks somewhat as her attention turned to her. Normally quite confident but with her presence and look. "Hello...Eh um a special" he manages as he sits down having no clue what a special was. He did manage to gather himself though, a short breath and his mind was under control again.

Isrieal thinks for a moment then grins. "Alright, I know just the one for you." She turns to speak with one of the bar tenders that fixes him up a dark purple drink with swirls of silver edible glitter within. She scoots it over to him after a moment. "Finally, most guys just order something on the rocks." She rolls her eyes. "That does get boring after a while. What brings you out today?" She wonders. "Don't think I've seen you about before. I'm Isrieal. This obviously, is mine." She gestures to the club with a grin.

The club isn't Charley's usual scene, but she's been brought here on business. Ghostly business! Stepping into the building, she takes a glance around, appearing almost as if she was lost. The young woman is dressed decently enough but not what one would consider normal clubwear. Currently, she's attired in a black jacket with a white shirt underneath, denim jeans, and sneakers. A little shiver as she gets used to the warmth of the indoors as opposed to the freezing temperatures of outside. Moving a little further inside, she starts to scan the area a bit more closely. Tired blue eyes scan the various faces that she passes by as she slowly makes her way toward the bar. Brows furrow as the lighting isn't ideal for her task. However, she could use a quick drink, so, she takes a seat at the bar, assumedly somewhere near Kheiron and Isrieal!

Kheiron looks about "Obviously" shrugging abit "Some single malt whiskey could have been nice.. but never on the rocks.." he shakes his head looking to Charley and offers a light nod to her. "Well figured abit of passion fruid would be nice... curious what else tastey might be in.. it surely looks interesting. One should always try new things, learn and experience new exciting things" nodding to it and taking a sip of it to see how it tastes. "I am fairly new so not been around to much... well been about but not out to much... trying to keep busy and paid after moving here for a job... unfortunatly they had change of management and well.. my application got abit lost... but luckily I got a job now so... celebrations" raising his glas

Isrieal listens to Kheiron's job story and smiles at the end. "Well congratulations indeed!" She tinks her glass against his. Her own drink is a Moscow Mule. "Oh yes, I always believe in new things as well." If on the off chance that Charleys ghostly business includes her being a Sin Eater, Isrieal gives off the vibe of a Torn. If not, then she she still just feels intimidating in presence for some reason no one can quite seem to place. Though on her upper arm she does have a tattoo of a scarecrows silhouette. "Welcome." She greets to the girl now who takes up a seat near them.

Since she was close by to the others, it wasn't too hard for Charley to eavesdrop on their conversation. A nervous smile touches the edges of her lips as Isrieal greets her. The woman may seem polite and nice but also unexplainably creepy. And that in itself creeped the psychic out a bit. "Oh hi there," she replies, briefly lifting a hand to give a greeting wave to Isrieal and Kheiron. "Congrats on the job. Must be something cool to move all the way out here for," she says with a nod. A moment passes before she reaches into her pocket, pulling out a printed out photo of a young woman. Isrieal might recognize her as a club regular that wasn't there that particular evening. "Have either of you guys seen this girl?" she wonders, holding up the paper for both of them to see.

Kheiron smiles broadly to Charley "Thank you, it is good to have some stability in life" he looks over to the photo to see who it was. He himself was not a regular but he did go about town alot. "Why you looking for her?" he asks curiously "She missing?" tilting his head and then back to the photo his eyes goes then over to Isrieal who seemed to be more in the known. Perhaps it was that presence that made him think she had more tricks in her book.

Isrieal has plenty of tricks up her sleeve though not seeing them in use might be a good thing. When the image is shown to them she leans in close and squints her eyes some while she studies it. "Hmm...I think I've seen her around here quite a bit. Is something wrong?" She asks her.

"Uh, no," Charley replies with a quick shake of her head, glancing between them both as if answering both of their questions. "A uh, friend of mine was looking for her. Needing to relay a message of sorts," she explains, her hands fidgeting with each other momentarily as she speaks. Glancing over to Isrieal, she smiles softly. "But, good to know that she /does/ come here. I'll have to come again another evening," she says. Then the Changeling gets a curious look from her. "You work here?"

Kheiron chuckles "She owns the place" he motions towards Isrieal like it was something everyone should know with a broad smile sipping his purple drink. "So you trying to get in touch with her after lost her contact information?" Pondering why she would be going around asking in such a way. "Glad to hear that isnt anything serious or bad that has happened at least" seeing the light in a bit odd situation. Looking over to Charley pondering if he might have seen her somewhere.

Isrieal casts a glance about the club but doesn't spot the girl. "I could always give you a call if I do happen to see her." When asked if she works there the Scarecrow nods. "Well, not work but I own the place, like he said." She tells her. "It seems to be doing better then I thought it would." She says with a smirk. Not that she ever doubted herself. "Of course thanks to everyone like you guys who steps through that door." She glances to Kheiron. "Yes, its very good it was nothing serious. Too many people tend to go vanishing around here. I don't think I caught your name." She points out to the man.

Charley isn't really the recognizable type. Her average looks tend to help her blend into a crowd, especially when she's near more outstanding appearing people such as Isriael this evening. Folding the paper back up, she tucks it back into an interior pocket of her jacket as she starts to speak. "I don't know her personally. The person looking for her uh, well, they don't have much means of communication currently," she vaguely explains. It's hard to tell normal seeming people that you're trying to do a ghost a favor! Leaning back in her seat, making herself comfortable, she figures she might as well enjoy herself while she's here. "This is a really cool place you've got here," she compliments Isriael. Then she glances curiously at Kheiron. "What job did you move out here for?"

Kheiron smiles to Isrieal "Kheiron" he offers to her as his name looking to Charley. "Not everyone have the means to do what they want, but it is always good that there is someone willing to help those who need help" a nod in agreement "It is quite a lovely locale very interesting mood and feel to it" looking to Charley as she asks what he does "Tutor, actually. Help some students learn how to learn properly rather then just cram facts into their heads and then forget after exams... I try to help when I can, specially when asked to"

"Thank you." Isrieal tells to both. She on one hand would not be weirded out about doing favors for ghosts at all. She's even been down that road a few times. "What sorts of things do you teach?" She asks Kheiron. "Just anything they need?" She wonders. "And what about you, what do you do?" She asks Charley. "Besides relay messages of course...unless that is a job for those who cannot do it themselves." She glances to the empty spot on the bar before her. "Would you like something to drink while you are here?"

"Sure, a drink would be fine. I'll have uh, whatever's the cheapest," Charley replies with a light smile. Fancy club drinks, while delicious, tend to be out of her usual price range. Isrieal seems to have asked the question she was wondering of Kheiron and she gives the man a curious look before answering the one posed to her. "Oh uh, I just got into town not that long ago myself. So, I'm currently unemployed," she explains, lightly tapping her fingers on the bar counter as she talks. "But, I tend to do odd jobs here and there anyways."

Kheiron nods to Isrieal "I teach them what they need to learn, not always the way they expect but after they know why" he smiles abit to himself "Though mostly study techniques, I got a degree in Pedagogy" sipping his purple drink looking to "Give her a Purple Haze on me" motions to the scary owner with a smile "It is really tasty, passion fruit.. I do love passion fruit... mix it with abit of mango.. now that is a dream in its own"

Isrieal was going to offer a drink if Kheiron didn't but she's soon served up a Purple Haze like he has! "I'm glad you like it so much." She says with a chuckle. "I could always offer you a job." She tells the girl. "Or if I knew some of your other talents I could have jobs to do. I tend to like it when I can find useful people. Thats the good thing of having a club. You run into just about everyone and never miss an opportunity." She says with a grin. "Maybe if I need to research of learn something I'll stop by some day." She suggests to Kheiron.

Charley looks rather appreciative at the drink bought for her. When its served to her, she lifts it up like a brief toast before taking a sip from it. "Wow, this is pretty awesome. Like a dream," she says with a light chuckle, giving a playful wink to Kheiron. "Thanks." Then she looks over toward Isrieal again, her brows raising momentarily at the offer of a possible job. "Oh uh, I'll keep that in mind. I'm not sure I'd be really useful at the club here. But uh, yeah, I'll let you know if I can't find anything," she says, again that little bit of finger fidgeting while she answers the intimidating woman. Her curious blue eyes drift over to Kheiron. "What made you decide you wanted to make your living teaching others?" she wonders.

Kheiron looks to Charley "You are welcome" a big smile on his lips as she did enjoy the drink "Told you" he says to her giving Isrieal a nod. "You are always welcome, can give you my card.. though my own resources are limited when it comes to research. I can't say no to someone who asks for aid" he looks over to Charley again when she asks him. "Many many smaller things... like having to argue with a teacher that what they said was not the truth.. only to be told it was for our own good, that we were to young to understand it all. I generally annoyed my teachers, some had good heart and worked well but many just went by the numbers... my life changed and my mentor helped me... and I wanted to do what he did for me. Be there for young students who don't know what to do... in a big scary world that changes quite a bit when you get out of your comfortzone and home"

Isrieal smirks to herself when he mentions a big scary world. "Some people just have no idea whats out there." She says quietly and scoots her drink across the bar after finishing it off. She checks her phone for a moment and then pulls out two of her own cards. "You'll usually find me here but if either of you need anything you can call me as well. I can do more than just manage a club." She laughs to herself and in turn takes Kheirons card as well with a nod. "It was good to meet the both of you, there'll always be Purple Daze's waiting here if you keep returning." She adds with a wink. "I'll see you around." She waves and turns to slip away for now, just as mysterious as ever. When she leaves any feeling of fear in the room dissipates as well.