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Calm Before The Storm: The Meeting

"We'll call you when we need something broken."

Dramatis Personae

Nate, Jenny, Julius, Lisa, Noah, Kaleo, Tess, Archie and Strix as ST


The Changing Breeds gather at the Butoka for some information dumping. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


G01 Bower Animal Rescue

It's been a bit since the Ketea incident for the group of Changing Breeds. Some of the people here were at that incident. Some of them were not. So this might be catch up for some. Archie is here this evening and talking to a man that's about three inches shorter than him, younger and with dark hair and black eyes. They both are waiting for people to filter in as the meeting was called a few days ago and they are just happy to have people showing up. Archie's voice can be heard, "Alright everyone, find a seat and lets get rolling. We've got some stuff to snack on and drinks if you need something as well." the Storm Bear tells him.

"Wont turn down free food and drink." Kaydin says as he gets something to drink and munch on. "This is the first time I been to something concerning the...well things." He says as he takes a sip. "So do I gotta do something to prove I am part of the group or something?" He asks curiously

Settled into one of the swivel chairs from the medical bay, Julius sits reversed looking over the changers who've come about tonight. He is comfortable in old jeans with their collection of holes and stains and a teeshirt with the sanctuary's logo on it. "Maybe we should order pizza the next time," he says mostly to himself as he enjoys his salty snacks.

Kaleo ambles in, appearing slightly distracted as he encounters other shifters this night, even though he was present for the initial incident at the docks. Something's on his mind beyond the meeting tonight. He meanders past the snack table, plucking up a few crackers and a bottle of water, then cops a squat on his haunches off to the side of the chairs.

Having just caught what the storm bear said as he arrived, Nate makes his way over to grab something to drink. Once he has some ice tea, he finds himself a place to take a seat. He nods to the familiar faces he knows, but no words for the moment.

Jenny enters, wearing jeans and a brightly colored tshirt, a backpack over her shoulder, holding a water bottle and a brown paper bag in one hend. The other hand pulling something round and crunchy out of it (the bag) to eat. Her eyes take in who is and isn't here, nodding to a few, gesturing with the bottle and bag laden hand with others and some, just eyeing with a faint hint of recognition. She finds a spot, sits, legs stretching out, and waits.

"There isn't a group. It's just a matter of making sure they can't pick us off." The helpful blonde lurking against one of the walls. Tess doesn't bother with a seat, she just remains upright, her weight leaning steadily in boots, jeans, white cotton tee, and an emblazoned kutte. Having already done her part to raid the table of offerings, Tess is digging around in a bag of kettle chips with a free hand, devouring the sweet and salty chips by the handful. Despite her eating habits, Tess, like many of the shifters present, is lean and athletic in figure; her metabolism is too damned high.

The first thing Noah looks for is a comfortable seat. However, the chairs aren't much to the Hatar's liking as he taps at the leg of one with his foot. Instead he moves off to a spot not too far from the group, and opts to plop down upon the floor.

Ducking her head as she was getting a spot to move and take seat. Putting herself down into a nice spot in the bac. she was leaning her head against a wall. Just watching the rest as they were there. Her fingers tapping a little on her knees as she was waiting.

Archie gives a nod of greeting and a few smiles to those that wander in. His eyes go to Kaydin, "Boy if you are here then that's good enough for me. But if you ain't part of the gang then I'd suggest leaving now." he offers in a perfectly peaceable tone. Then there's a look around, "Alright. To business. This gent to my left is a Mister Juan Ramirez and to my understanding a few of you helped him not become a lab experiment, so thank you. I'm going to let Juan speak. Please ask questions as well." the man states before he lets Juan have the floor.

Juan steps forward and gives a look over the group, "As Archie said, thank you." he tells them. Then he runs a hand through his hair as if getting over nerves. Then the hands slide behind him and he stands at parade rest, "This group called Pendragon has been trying to catch different types of Changing Breeds. I don't know how many they've gotten. But there's a list and well, I was on the list. Have you guys had anyone go missing lately?" he asks them.

"As long as I have my sky, I can always get away." Kaydin says before looking to Archie when asked. "I am one of those bats in the belfry." He says with a grin before quieting down to let Juan speak when asked if anyone went missing he shrugs and lets someone else answers, a gaze to Noah to see how he will react as well as one to Lisa.

Frowning at the name and the question, Julius starts going over the mental list, tacking them off on his fingers as he counts and shakes his head. "I don't think we have anyone missing missing, at least not from the ones who check in on the regular. Kinda hard to tell with the ones who don't..." He scratches at the back of his ear though considering. "What sort of thing are they wanting to catch you for? Medical, military, or worse?"

Lisa gave a sigh, looking at Kaleo and then looking up to Juan, "well.. I don't think anyone was missing but.. Kaleo and I had to handle a Lost one the other day.."

Nate shakes his head to the question as he sips his ice tea. He then leans forwards a little.. an expression of curiosity beig the order of the moment.

Jenny listens intently as Juan speaks, finishing off the round, crunchy goodness then brushing off her hands. A darting glance goes to kaydin when he replies to Archie. A few moments pass as others ask questions, or make statements, before she speaks. "No one that I know off. Haven't noticed any strange disappearances noted at work either - though I have been keeping my eyes open for that." she brushes through her hair with one hand, before settling back again.

"I haven't seen Jasper since we learned of the Lost Ones from Feathered Dragon, but my focus has been on the ocean since then as well." Kaleo offers with a nod towards Lisa at her commment. "There are more of us in the area than we knew about, so tracking down specific missing persons is complicated, along with those who are more hermitlike."

"I haven't noticed anyone missing, but I wouldn't. I'm not a part of a Band, and most of the people I run with don't wear fur, feathers, or hide," Tess says around a mouthful of half-chewed potato chips. Swallowing, Tess brushes her hand off on her jeans. "There's some shit that was running around in the woods up in Crow's Hollow. I don't know if it's related, but I know that there was some little motorized video cam that was filming us having a look around. We destroyed it, but those things can link up with computers, right? Wireless connections and uploads and shit? I don't really know computers, but it could be related." There's a one shoulder shrug.

Archie's eyebrow quirks up and there's a bit of a frown at the news, "While that is sad news it does sometimes happen. I'm guessing this is one of the ones Francisco was speaking of?" he asks. Then when it's confirmed there's another nod. There's a look over to Tess and a nod at her words, taking mental notes for the moment.

Juan also gives a nod, "They are looking for exotic species for the moment from what we've gathered. So if you know any..just have them be a little more cautious. I think the bust is going to make them quiet for a few weeks. But money can undo a lot." he admits. "We have a problem with Pendragon, they want to use us to further their research, make better drugs and generally be monsters." he tells them. "But this can't be taken care of through just brute force." he adds.

"Most things cant." Kaydin says as he finishes his drink and snack, putting his hands into the pockets of his longcoat. "So no idea that this is some sort of super secret government project trying to gather us for some sort of animal avengers super weapon program?" He asks curiously.

Nate frowns a bit hearing what Juan has to say, nothing said on his part for the moment but attentive he is.

Nodding at the things to watch for Julius considers. "So what exactly can be done? If you bring them out into the light, well it risks our own secrets." Hrming he smiles slightly, "They always say follow the money in the movies. So anybody whos good at accounting or computers might be pretty useful on the matter."

Jennyhmms, deep in the back of her trhoat. Captivity, being confined, is not something she wants to experience ever again, not see anyone else go through it. "Ididn't get the 'feeling' of government off the lead man on the boat that night, not that I looked at him much. I can do some puttering about trhough some work channels, see what I can see there on him, on Pendragon, if you want. And we /could/ some of us, do some Secret Squirrel work," chuckling dryly, "...if that's in the game plan."

Juan gives a look around and then to Jenny, "You use your work ties at your own risk. The man that owns the company is clean to the public eye, including the police. Like I said, money helps with a lot of things. He's invested a lot to be protected. So we need to find other ways to tackle this. If you can do it without tipping them off? Then I encourage it. Otherwise we'd not want to risk anyone getting hurt." he states.

"I'll fill you in after this meeting, Archie. I've got more questions than answers, but no reason to think that it has anything to do with Pendragon." Kal says, then turns his attention to the Ketea. "Juan, what can you tell us about your capture? You seemed rather out of it when you did break free, and I'm curious what is strong enough to knock our metabolisms out of whack."

"Subtlety isn't really my thing." Aside from stating the blatantly obvious, the womanly Storm Bear straightens away from the wall and swaggers towards the snacks table. Crumpling the now-empty bag of potato chips into a ball, she deposits it in the clearly marked recyclying bin before she begins picking over the doughnut offerings. Reaching out and snatching up one of the bottles of water, Tess twists the cap free, guzzles half of it down. "Now if there's any need to bust anything up," she quips cheerfully. "I'm down. But if we're going to be talking some deep cover ninja shit, I'm going to hit the road soon." 'Soon', because Tess's dark brown eyes slide away from the table even as her fingers pluck up a devil's food cake doughnut from the platter. They fix on Juan.

Nate comments, "A boat like that takes money to support. For follow the money, that boat would be a good start. And workers do talk. I'm new to the area, so not even aware if there is an office for Pendragon. Felt corporate to me, so may have subsidiaries in town we don't know about. As to the law, my experience in pulling a badge had them wondering what was going on that I was even there. They paid someone off somewhere.."

Lisa just watches and listens the entire time. leaving her chin on her knee.

"There will be a need to break things down the line. So if that's what interests you then you can wait for that. We're just getting everyone up to speed that there's a group that wants to get ahold of us. It's good to warn your brethren." Archie states as he looks to people. "This isn't a long meeting as it is. We'll have more coming in the next few weeks." he states.

Juan gives a look over the room and his eyes go to Tess, "I get that you're a fighter and things. But we need a more solid plan before just kicking in doors. So we'll make sure that you get patched in when that starts happening." he tells her.

"Any other questions?" Archie asks the gathered?

Juan gives a look to Kaleo and there's a bit of a frown, "Everything really. I know once they clamped something on me I couldn't shift back to human. So that was a fucking dicey thing." he grumbles. "Other than that? I'm not sure what they pumped into me. So we should find that out. I'm sure it would take more to knock a Great White out. But I'm a Mako." he chuckles.

Giving a nod to Juan, she files that away in her brain, and continues listening, face turning toward whoever happens to be speaking at whichever moment. A nod or two is given when Nate speaks, the faintest twitch of her lips when Tess speaks. "I'll see waht I can do...withut getting caught. I'l lkeepmy ears and eyes open at work for anything 'strange'. I might have a few channels I can go through. Ill have to think about it.

Nate says, "Any foot prints people know about this group that should be watched for? I work in Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.. and I know one of the Gamewardens.. if you have names to work with, we may be able to get away with looking for permits."

Kaydin then hmms. "We could get one of us captured by this group, maybe have them swallow a tracking device of some sort." He says with a shrug and watches the various people. He then looks to Jenny. "If you know where the government hid the ark of the covenant, I wouldnt mind knowing." He says with a playful tone.

"That's cool. I'm mostly here for the food." Offering a thumbs-up, the biker-dressed blonde pushes the remainder of her doughnut between her lips. Chew, chew, swallow. Beyond that, Tess is content to listen to the goings-on about her, attention shifting with each new speaker.

"If you can find a sample of the stuff again we could maybe analyze it here. We do have a rather well stocked medical facility here," Julius says gesturing to the nicely labeled door. "At least it would show what it is if it's normal. If it's weird magic stuff, that's out of my league."

Jenny gets up after a moment, leaving her back pack where it was and ambles over to the snack table, brown bag going with her. As she nears Tess, dwarfed in size, she offers the bag to the large woman. "Here. My one brother's like you, he has a sweet tooth too." Then grabbing the first available snack, she startrs to wander back to wher eshe was, and pauses momentarily near Julius, murmuring something to him, before she returns to her seat.

Noah removes himself from silence with a cough. He lifts his hand up to gain further attention, and speaks the moment anyone looks to him. "I have an idea." Beat. "Of sorts," he says with a slight bob of his head to the left. "I'd need someone that's a good speaker, though. The kind that'll charm the pants of anyone they meet."

Jenny mutters "Did ... get ... ... ... his ... ... ... some traces in ... he'll ... ..." to Julius.

"What's the plan you've got, Noah?" Archie asks the Hatara with a quirk of one silvery eyebrow.

"Nate didn't do a bad job of talking his way out of trouble that morning on the docks." Kaleo pipes in, looking over to the lounging tiger. "Though he's a known face, so might be more of a risk depending on what your thinking of, Noah."

Noah drops his hand to his lap, and nods. "It's something, but not sure how keen on it everyone else might be. We can go to the other side, and see what changes have been brought about because of them and see if we can find the source. Might also be able to meet with spirits of that place, but no telling how dangerous it may be to us." Beat. "Thus, someone that can talk really well since I'm automatically out."

Julius shakes his head at Jenny as she walks by muttering back. "Too long". He offers a shrug, thankfully the plate was empty so as not to drop anything off of it snack wise. He does however listen to Noahs plan and offers a nod, not that he could do anything with it.

Archie gives a soft nod of his head, "If someone can do the spirit talky bullshit get ahold of Noah." he points out. "Any other questions?" he asks the gathered?