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| Sample = Kira2.jpg
| Sample = Kira2.jpg
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Kira Wagner
RP Hooks
  • Wagner Family —  Kira is the youngest sibling to Deborah, Calder, and Bente.

  • Asatru religion —  Raised to it, this is her religion and she venerates Freyja as her personal goddess.

  • Class of 2012 —  she was bubbly and good natured, struggling with the other cheerleaders tending to be cruel to ‘lesser’ people.

  • Local Good Girl —  No criminal record, she is known to be good if colorfully offbeat, quick to help, if maybe a bit too mischievous... Part time volunteer paramedic, when she works what should be impossible DOAs end up having shocking pull throughs.

  • Spring Wizened Artist/Inventor/Airtouched —  Taken the summer of 2014 to the Lover of Battle’s realm of never ending futuristic warfare where she lived many short violent lives as warriors, medics, and engineers. Very much a Spring, she is in love with freedom and who she is rebuilding herself into. Eager to heal or make friends, but she is guns blazing when people are in danger.

  • Hedge Raider —  A Hedge Adventure; she is a Spring Claviger and working on joining the Knights of Ophois, meaning she is always out to help others travel, explore, or gather in the Hedge, providing navigation, healing, and defense.

  • Spring Island —  Down south off the shores of Mouser Metropolis(Grid HC04) is a forested fortress island living in Eternal Spring. Kira's personal Hollow it is also dedicated to the Spring Court and is open to the Freehold as a remote place of sanctuary.

  • Deborah —  Closest sister, always able to laugh together, and get up to no good.

  • Bente —  Role model eldest sibling, who inspired her love for her religion, crafting, and weapon arts.

  • Tock —  Helpful, motivating, an awesome, the heart of Spring.

  • Louise —  Ohhhh daaaam we need to have a talk! Seems likable!

  • Dottie —  Punky girl is fun and nice, friendship material!

  • Isrieal —  The evil genius - my new boss, what does this say about who I am becoming?

  • Eri, Vesna, Trash panda  —  Three new met Lings, instant friends! Eri is the Ferish Anime girl thast she always wanted to be, Vesna is even shorter than Kira, and Equinox is forever to be Trash panda to her.


Kira5.jpg Kira2.0.png


Her Spring anthem!

Her Hollow's theme and Key.

Her pre-to-post Taken accord.

Spring Claviger and Knights of Ophois

Throwing the wonder that she has become into her Keeper's face!

Full Name: Kira Wagner
Played By: Charlotte Mckinney
Date of Birth:  ????????
Occupation: Mechanic
Race: Changeling
Court: Spring
Court Position: Claviger(Spring Knight)
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Artist/Inventor/Airtouched