Changing Breeds

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Changing Breeds Staff

  • Subject Matter Experts:
  • Narrators:

Character Generation & Application

  • Changing Breeds is currently Open.

Application Guidelines


  • On grid Becomings are possible and require a PrP.
  • For Becomings, submit a job to Changing Breed staff (+req/sphere feral/Becoming=<text>) after finding a PrP Runner. Please ask your prp runner to submit their own PrP job to Changing Breed staff for review and consideration.
  • At this time, most Mortal and Mortal+ templates are free to apply to Become a Feral with the exception of Fae-Touched or Wolfblooded. Please talk with Staff on the thematic hows/whys this would occur.

Important Information

  • Breeds and Species available for play are those in the approved Breed list. Please check there for updates!

Wanted Concepts

  • Local Breeds: Animals that are native to the Maine region

Rules and Systems

Changing Breed Setting

Changing Breeds and Werewolf Differences

  • Changing Breeds are different from Werewolves. Read up on their differences.

Sphere Locations


Plots Past & Present

Recent Scenes


Creation Incentives

  • +5xp Feral: Creating a Feral PC (This includes Becomings)
  • +2xp Breed: For Breed with 3 or less population (Check +census breed ingame).
  • +5xp Accord: For least populated Accord (Check +census accord ingame).
  • 5xp Band: For joining your first Band.

Sphere Logs & PRP Specific

  • +1xp Sphere PrP/Scene Logs: This is extra on top of any PrP or Scene Log XP for all participants and ST's for Changing Breeds PrP's or Scenes with a log that is of something relevant to the sphere. Your completed PrP's XP should be logged via +req/prp using PRP Requests template and Log XP should be submitted via +request with similar log details.

Game Wide

These are the incentives that are available for the game, both those available in CG and those available after.

  • +2xp - Local Character.
  • +1xp - Having a wiki page with hooks.
  • +5xp - Dropping Morality, Clarity, Humanity, or Harmony stat (max of 2).
  • +1xp - Having +prefs filled out.
  • +1xp - Having +glance filled out.

  • 1xp - Posting a Log of Roleplay that occurs in a Public +Hangout (Need to submit a +request including a link to the Log).
  • +1xp - Running or Participating in a PRP. This is XP on top of the normal amount.
  • +prefs - 1xp for having your +prefs fully filled.

Current Characters by Breed



Cold Kings

Horned Folk

Laughing Strangers



Royal Apes



The Pack





Current Characters by Accord