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Brielle Madden
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“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

Template: Changeling Seeming: Fairest Kith: Shadowsoul/Flowering
Date of Birth: March 21st 1900 Virtue: Loyalty Vice: Pride

xxxxxBreielle Madden was born in March of 1900. The turn of a century for some people. She was a local here to Fallcoast. Raised in one of the more affluent homes. She was taught etiquette and all of those things that a lady should be taught. She however wanted to spend more time working with her father who was a physician. That was frowned upon as it wasn't a 'woman's' job. She helped anyways. Not really minding what others said.

xxxxxShe grew and she was gifted in the ways of medicine and of persuading people to get what she wanted. Money of course helped. When she was twenty she was to be married to a man that she had never met and that sent her running. With only the clothes on her back and a little money in her pockets, she fled. If she hadn't fled she probably would have lived to be an old woman that was well taken care of and didn't have a bad day in her life.

xxxxxInstead? She did run. She was taken in by a woman that she had no idea was not normal. Soon the woman, that she would later fiind out was a Loyalist, turned her over to be sold to a Gentry. The one that she went to was not kind. Not by any stretch. He took Brielle's fear of the dark and twisted it. Making her into her own fear, a shadow of her former self. A Shadowsoul. She was taught to command his other prisoners and the other denizens of Arcadia. She fell into the role hesitantly, but after so many horrors inflicted you'd do what you were told as well. The soulless woman went through her duties without further complaint. She did this for years and years. So many she didn't even remember her old self.

xxxxxThen one day she had a flash of an old memory when she was encountering one of her newest victims. She didn't want to hurt them. It was an overwhelming moment, to feel everything rush back into her memory. She managed to escape with the prisoner. Both of them tore themselves out of Arcadia and into the local hedge.

xxxxxShe was surprised that she came out of the Hedge in Fallcoast. Home. But it was 2005 and not 1920 anymore. So many things needed to be taken care of. It was all too much to handle and she found herself indulging in many things. Things that made others happy. So it wasn't surprising she found herself in the Spring Court. From there she started to go back into the Hedge a lot, talking with the Hobs and helping them. It's how she found herself with the Barony of the Lesser ones. The person that helped her with things watched her and brought her in with them.

xxxxxTen years post Durance and Brielle runs a local Charity that helps with funding for low cost clinics and for people that are Immigrants. Sort of like she helps with the Hobs, but they can't come out in the real world.

xxxxxSo that's her story so far. Whatever else happens is completely up to the Fates to decide.


  • Changeling She spent a good deal of time in Arcadia.
  • Charity Founder She is the founder of the Elysian Foundation.
  • Hob Help She is a member of the Barony of the Lesser Ones
  • Spring A member of the Emerald Court.


  • Denton: I fear the worst somedays...
  • Sloan: Patched him up on first meeting.
  • Rhys: Rhys - Autumn. Pretty nice. Invited me on a hedgefruit hunt.
  • Somebody: Dusk. Has a hob problem I'm going to help him with.
  • Tock: Spring. Fellow courtier. She's good in the hedge and you can't beat that.
  • Kyrie: Summer. Owner of Valahalla. Looks to be a good person.
  • Aurelia: Summer. Bright and shiny. Maker of things.
  • Jericho: Summer. Aurelia's husband. Good in a pinch.
  • Anais: Dusk. Went a little mad.
  • Stoney: Fae-Touched. Ogreish. Needs some guidance.
  • Darren: Summer. Dragonish. Seems to need to get out more.
  • Bethany: Courtless. It was nice to speak with her.
  • Wish: Spring. Met at Valhalla.
  • Talia: Spring. A bit wintery.
  • Owen: Summer. He's so funny. Also helps with leftovers.
  • Arkady: Spring. Big kitty!
  • Reagan: Autumn. Saved his face. Literally.
  • Cerise: Ensorcelled. She was a joy to meet.
  • Wendall: Spring. Yeti! Takes care of the leftovers.
  • Eleri: Autumn. Fiery. It was good meeting her.
  • Ephraim: Dusk. Was keeping Wendall in line.


Hole - Gold Dust Woman

Evanescence - Lithium

Apocalyptica - Broken Pieces


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