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Bestla Gridr Wagner AKA Brenda

“ I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become! ”
– Carl Jung

  • Born in 1997 with Blue Baby Syndrome, so named after Jotens Bestla & Gridr, she grew outgoing and friendly, enjoying cheerleading, Track&Field, and gaming. At 16(2013) privateers took Bestla to Leshy's realm, leaving a Fetch 'Brenda' who became a party girl. In 2014 Bestla escaped to Norway, becoming an EMT and Knight of Ophois while healing her life. Brenda graduated in 2015 and becoming a camgirl. Returning to Fallcoast in 2017, Bestla and Brenda met, finding compassion and forgiveness rather than hatred, the two merging, growing further in Spring.

Brenda2.jpg Brenda3.jpg

RP Hooks
  • Changeling: A Spring Knight of Ophois, she tends to be happy, playful, and eager to help others, serving as a hedge guide, combat healer, and a physical protector, venturing into the open hedge to patrol for the freehold and search for new Lost. A Frost Jotun with thick Norwegian accent, turns to solid ice, growing a Hard Shell's rime frost armor when calling upon her Wyrd.
  • Wagner & Work: One of those superstitious Scandinavians, born with Blue Baby Syndrome, she was named after two Jotun and oddly carries a deep Norwegian accent. She works as an EMT with a shocking survival rate, what should clearly be DOAs end up pulling through with miraculous recoveries.
  • Ville Corbeau: She lives in the Corbin lands' Ville Corbeau archaic village where she is as a farmer/villager, seeing to crops, livestock, building facilities and cooking huge portions of hearty, natural food, which she ends up serving to the local soup kitchen. Those partaking tending to grow far more healthy over time.
  • Hobbies: Fitness: All about the Rocky4 type workouts, she free runs/climbs, does hard farm labour, lots of suspended situps and the like. Yes she chases chickens too! ... Gaming: She enjoys RPGs, PC/Tabletop gaming, and sci-fi/fantacy/postapoc tv/books.


  • Wagners**************************************
  • [[]]:
  • Changelings**************************************
  • Visnja: Fun-ly feral Beast, fun meeting over pizza!
  • Sloan: Friend and bunk-mate! Sorry for that drooling thing...
  • Ambroise: Professor Da-Boss, or is that now Jarl? ;)
  • Vesna: Spring flash of color!... And fellow camgirl...
  • Isrieal: Best chat and walk I have ever had with an Autumn.
  • Melody: Fun loving pool shark.. Must not call her.. TRASH PANDA!
  • Joy: An interesting summer. The most interesting summer ever?
  • Tempest: Funny/badass, friend material!
  • Reiz: Murder-Fairest! That was impressive!
  • Leander: Winter Crown, impressively active so far, respected.
  • Wyck: Really interesting Spring, and rumours of a patrol/exploring motley? Intrigued!
  • [[]]:
  • [[]]:

  • Others**************************************
  • Hawker: Possibly psychotic, but pet lover. Balances out?
  • Ciera: Such a fun and funny person, must hang out!
  • Selias: Fun Smith great stories over beer! Dam hammers!

FullName   : Bestla Gridr Wagner
DOB   : October 31 1998
Height   : 5'7"(170cm)/6'3"(190cm)
Build   : Athletic/Voluptuous
Eyes   : Winter blue
Hair   : Long Blonde
Heritage   : Scandinavian
Job   : Parttime EMT
Last Job   : Camgirl
Legal   : No Arrests
HSchool   : St.Johns 2015
Sphere   : Changeling
Keeper   : Leshy
Court   : Spring
Entitlement  : Knights of Ophois
Seeming  : Ogre
Kiths   : Stonebones Hard-Shell
Virtue   : Courage
Vice   : Impetuous

  • (2017.12.07)
First hints at Placid Crystal lake.
  • (2017.12.11)
A New Face
  • (2017.12.21)
Winter Solstice - 2017
  • (2017.12.23)
Winter Crowning 2017
  • (2018.01.05)
Goblinfruit Hunting
  • (2018.01.05)
Garden Patrol
  • (2018.01.06)
Lost Caravans
  • (2018.01.06)
One Time in The Market