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* EcoActivist:  <br><br>
* EcoActivist:  <br><br>
* Beach&Ocean Bumette:  <br><br>
* Beach&Ocean Bumette:  <br><br>
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Bermuda Sweetwater
Supernatural RP Hooks / Info
  • Changing Breed Relations: Raised to be in-the-know and active, she is was always part of the cause. Protests, spiking trees, cutting nets, sabotaging poachers. Then poachers murdered her and she is even more active now.

  • Sin Eaters: She is tentatively hopeful and friendly to the sphere, not having had much contact. She is also phobic of the Underworld. (I thought it an interesting quirk)

  • SE Spicifics: She was almost a Celebrant, loving her 2nd chance, but her fear and thus aggression towards ghosts made Reaper e slightly better fit. She will help resolve peaceful souls and reap most others she can not avoid.

  • Geist: Keres of Artemis is a Greek nature deamon, a predator driven to hun other predators whom hunt innocents. Nature counting as an innocent. She is happily aggressive, quite feline in demeanor.

  • Relationship:


Local Mortal RP Hooks


  • Sweetwater Family:

  • Other Family Relations:


  • Demeanor/Goals:

  • Occult:

  • EcoActivist:

  • Beach&Ocean Bumette:

  • Athletics:

Favorite Toys!

Sin Eaters****************************

Changing Breeds*******



Concept: The Sweet and the Savage
Full Name: Bermuda Sweetwater
DoB: Jan 1 2000
Job: Vagabond
Virtue Vice: Charity Wrath
Height: 5'8"
Hair Eyes: Blonde Blue
Ethnicity: Scandinavian
Origin: Miami Native
Legal Record: /MANY/ MJ Possession civil citations
Former Template: Beast kin
Sphere: Sin Eater
Architype: Reaper
Threshold: Prey

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