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Quick Dossier

xxxxx* Alicia Davidson is originally from New York.

xxxxx* Joined the Navy as a teenager. Trained as a Navy Corpsman.

xxxxx* Went on numerous special ops with a Seal Team. Her latest team was killed to a man in an ambush.

xxxxx* Alicia was honorably discharged with a purple heart.

xxxxx* Joined her parents company IASF Security Corporation. Trained for years in multiple areas.

xxxxx* Transferred to Fallcoast to head up the new branch of the Corporation.

RP Hooks
Alicia Davidson
CEO IASF Systems Corp
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Approx. Height: 5'8"
Approx. Weight: 130 pounds
Family: Extensive
Occupation: Security Systems CEO
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

OOC Information
Breed: Bastet
Species: Bahgrasha
Accord: Den-Warder

Notable Stats
Dexterity: * * * * *
Presence: * * * *
Empathy: * * * * (Detecting Lies)

Sweet-Voiced Fiend
Striking Looks (Captivating)
Striking Voice (Enthralling)
  • Ex-Military — Ex-Navy Corpsman. Honorably discharged. Purple Heart.

  • Bastet — Black Panther/Jaguar. Likes to hunt prey. Are you prey?

  • CEO Security Systems Corp — Establishing her security corporation here. Do you need a job?

  • Rich and Powerful — Rich and Powerful and tries to do good with it.

Company Statistics

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